Yves Béhar: "Surfing is like improvisational jazz"

Uploaded by hermanmiller on 09.09.2012

I am Yves Béhar, and I am the founder of fuseproject.
San Francisco in the Bay Area is truly an extraordinary place for me.
On the one hand it's
driven by innovation
and what's new, what's next.
On the other I find myself
a portion of the time, weekends,
in complete nature.
Surfing is like
like improvisational jazz. There is the water, there is the ocean,
there are split-second decisions.
These are going to be different every single time.
It's actually not that different from designing.
The answer has to be different every time. We have to be sort of ahead
of what is already out there, right?
But there are also moments of:
that is the idea, time to go, let's try this, let's build this,
let's see if it crashes on top of me, or let's see if I can actually get through it.
In a way the production of a surf board is
very much a dialogue between the craftsman,
the shaper who knows you,
who knows the local conditions,
and so it is one of the very, very last bespoke,
custom-made objects that is created.
I am really sort of passionate about
what happens when you are in a different environment.
Seeing the perspective of the shore from the water
is a completely different point of view
compared to the other way around.
It is an incredible moment of calm.
You are in the water, you can't think about work, you can't think about your problems of the day,
you are really completely focused,
you are almost in a Zen moment
where you are just observing the ocean,
the swells coming in, the way it is coming in.
It is a very calm kind of focus.
It is a very peaceful focus
which is very different from the intense life in the office
or the intense life in the city.