YouTrax News Parody 20 Justin Bieber, iPhone 4, BP Oil Spill, Miley Cyrus

Uploaded by youtraxtvnews on 25.07.2010

Well hello there. And how many of you are here against your will? I feel you boo, me
too. Oh, uh, I guess you're wondering what this is all about , huh? Well, I'll tell ya.
Last show I made fun of Justin Bieber and some of his vicious fans wrote me the nastiest
messages. So then, I decided to see what this hype was all about. So I watched all of his
videos , and now, well, all I can say is, this guy is genius. I guess you could call
me an eager Bieber. I just made that up. Now, don't laugh. Have you ever taken the time
to listen to him? I mean, really listen. It's like he's singing just to me. He's so awesome.
Here, I'll show you what I mean. Maybe that's not a good example, we've all done that once
before, right? Here, let's take a look at this one. Oh my god, what have I done? Well,
it's getting late. Oh my god, he's everywhere. Let's get on with the news.
Now that the Gulf oil leak seems to be ending, it's time for President Obama to keep true
to his word when last month during an interview he promised to find out who was responsible
so as to know who's ass to kick. And here we have footage of him doing just that.
Twas the season for final episodes on TV last month, including the final episode of the
series "Lost" detailing the story of a group of people lost after a plane crash. Not to
be confused with the new reality series from Fox starring Paula Abdul, "Totally Lost"
After covering 11 presidents and more than 50 years of reporting, the career of correspondent
Helen Thomas has finally come to an end when video surfaced of Thomas making racist remarks
saying that Israel should get the hell out of Palestine. So what's Helen doing now? She's
now working at'sex rehab clinics scaring man into never wanting to have sex again .
On my last show, I reported on a story of a bus driver who came upon a baby in the middle
of the street, and many of you caught me on my mistakenly calling the child a "14 year
old toddler". There's no getting one past you guys. What I meant to say was "a 14 month
old teenager". Sorry, I can be so stupid sometimes. This just in, we have a Justin Bieber sighting.
Our cameras are outside the hotel, waiting to catch him on his way to another concert.
Let's take a look. After 40 years of marriage, Al Gore and his
wife are calling it quits. It had been rumored that it was the result of an affair, but Tipper
Gore quickly responded saying that it was simply a lack of global warming in the bedroom.
Steve Jobs held a press conference this week, addressing the problems related to the new
iPhone 4. He also announced launch dates for new upcoming products. August 10, the new
iPhone 5. September 5, the new iPhone 6. September 20, iPhone 7. October 1...
Apple iPhone. We'll get it right, eventually. Now it's official, Perez Hilton is no longer
gay. In a recent blog, Hilton was stupid enough to post a recent photo of Miley Cyrus getting
out of her vehicle, let's just say without her underoos. Perez, if you're going to post
pix like that, at least find somebody legal, and hot.
This just in. Another Bieber sitting. This time footage of the singer wannabe taking
his first driving lesson. Let's take a look. And finally, with the oil leak in the gulf
seemingly under control, comes the clean up. It's ugly and sad to have to see the animals
oiled up and fighting in the bars along the Louisiana shore, no wait, I'm thinking of
the cast from the Jersey Shore. And that's the news. Thanks for tuning in,
till next time.