Boys Before Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 4 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Who do you think you are? Who are you to say those things?
Who asked you to make such a request?
No, not a request, to beg?
Don't you have any pride?
It's not because I don't have any pride.
It's because you were in such agony.
Because you looked like you would die from sadness.
What is it to you?
It has nothing to do with you.
Get lost
There's a dark cloud surrounding you. What's the use of the self-luminosity of the F4??
She's such a black hole. . .
Goo JoonPyo
Can I ask you something?
If I said no would you keep it to yourself?
Just act like you usually do. This doesn't suit you.
When you like someone is it better to hold back your own feelings....
...and consider that person's feelings first?
What's better about that?!
What's with that? That's the same thing as ignoring them.
If the world were to fall to pieces tomorrow, then you'd probably die of regret.
Goo JoonPyo
You might not be completely stupid.
You're just figuring that out now? It's better to regret after you act, instead of regretting after having done nothing. That's my philosophy.
It looks like JiHoo isn't going to show up after all.
Everyone be well. Stay out of trouble.
Have a good trip. I'll come to visit.
Not just to visit but to hold an exhibition.
Take care of your health.
Oh, the kindness disease. If you're too kind, the hurt lasts just as long, Mr. Casanova.
Must you do that lawyer or NGO crap, Noona?
I just don't understand you women.
Do you know it's been 10 years since you've sincerely called me Noona?
It seems you've become cool, so I decided to acknowledge you as my noona.
Are you complaining?
Please remember my request.
Please take care of yourself.
Take care everyone. I'm leaving.
Go. Take care of yourself.
Stubborn bastard. How could he not come to see her off?
What did I tell you? Say what you want about me, but Ji Hoo is the real cruel one among us.
He looks so serene, but once he turns his back, he's the scariest.
Isn't talking behind my back a little too harsh?
What is this?
When did you get here?
Three hours ago.
So you were here the whole time... and you didn't even come out for a peek?
What are you gonna do now?
Are you just going to stand around here?
Go after her!
If she can't stay here, you should go to her.
Didn't you say you loved her?
Hiding behind posts, is that how you show your love?
How can you say you love her behaving like that?
I'm on the next flight. All my luggage is already checked in.
Yoon JiHoo.
Rascal he has a knack for surprising people.
When did you get the guts to do something like this?
Thanks to this little lady.
Get over here! Cute rascal!
I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
You were the one who made me realize that I have to face reality and be honest with myself..
You taught me to have the courage to beg when necessary.
I'm glad to have met a girl like you.
I'm leaving now.
Geum JanDi,
What? What do you want?
Listen to what I have to say.
I'm only going to say this once so listen very carefully.
Geum JanDi... You and I... (voice drowned out by the plane taking off) Should date
What did he say?
You're not getting in?
Saturday at 4 o'clock. In front of Nam San Tower.
If you're late by even one minute, you're dead.
We must get it at all costs.
Come quickly!
As soon as it opens at 4 o'clock, run for this.
And if you find something that you think it'll fit, just stuff it in the cart.
Wouldn't it be better if we just go together?
Mom needs to go to the cabbage blowout sale.
If the clothes shop were the civil war, this cabbage shop is
World War II.
You know, last time the lady standing next to me got her teeth knocked out.
Three months worth of our shop profits are in our hands. Got it? Aja!!
Oh, it's snowing.
We should get going Dad must be waiting.
Saturday. 4 o'clock. In front of Namsan Tower.
It can't be! No, no, no way!
Why are you mumbling like a crazy girl?
One wouldn't wait outside for four hours in this snow on a promise that wasn't really made, would he?
No way, unless that person is crazy. Let's go.
Let's go!
Hang on.
That crazy jerk.
Mom, hold this.
Mom, go home first!
Yah, JanDi! Where are you going?
I need to go somewhere!
Ahh, that girl!!
What time is it?
Shouldn't I be the one asking that?
Don't you know what time it is right now?
Didn't I tell you that you'd be dead if you're late?
Did I ever promise that I'd come?
You came.
Well, that is . . . .
I came to check if you were here.
What would've happened if i didn't come?!
You showed up anyway, didn't you?
Also, whose fault is it that I'm in this state! So stop getting angry like you have any reason to be.
Ah, it's cold.
Get up.
I'll buy you a nice hot drink.
Or youll get sick
Get up. Hurry!
Do you want to drink tea or just go?
This is 30,000 won coffee [about $30].
What a thug. Are your trying to scam me?
I don't drink this kind of stuff anyway.
Just give it a try first. This coffee is the best.
Should I tell you why it cost $30?
Follow me.
How is it? I was right, wasnt I?
It's the same as drinking coffee in the sky-lounge.
Tsk tsk. You'd never be able to run a business, not even a mom and pop store.
36,300 won ($36.3)
You need to include tax and service tips.
Wow, so even the rich know how to caluclate those kinds of things!
I just pretend not to know. There's no way you could be come rich without knowing those things, could you?
Wow! There's so many stars.
Yah. Those aren't stars, they're satellites, you stupid girl!
Are you an idiot?! Do you really think there are that many satellites?
Are you joking? They're satellites.
I don't want to hear that from you!
What, 'stupid girl'?
What, you stupid boy!
You're dumb!
You're dumber!
Hello? You're at the restaurant? Oh, okay. Stay right there. I'll be right over.
What happened?
What's that?
Why so dark?
Woah. Woah! Mister! There are people still in here!! woah woah.
Yah, yah! It won't open!
It's locked?
Is it really locked?
Why are you shaking like a weirdo? Just hold on, I'll just call someone.
I have to get going! My mom is going to kill me!
Where's my cellphone?
You don't have your phone?
How about you?
I don't carry a phone.
How does a person not have a phone?!
It's your fault we're trapped in like this!
How is it my fault?!
Who was the one that waited like an idiot for hours outside?
I got excited, that's why.
I've never gotten to wait for someone like that.
What are we going to do?
What are you doing?
Shall we wait in there?
Hey.. Move over.
I'm sorry. This is all my fault.
You've finally realized it.
But why did a rich boy like you do something like this?
Waiting in the snow for 4 hours... isn't your family worried?
Butler, bodyguard, drivers, ... what are they doing right now?
I sent them home.
I wanted to try to do things the way someone like you, a commoner, would.
How hard that must be for you!
Hey JanDi baht (lawn).
Can I tell you the truth?
Truthfully.. what?
What is it?
Hey. You can say it from right there.
I uh... now...
You bastard! You pervert!
Do you really want to do this in this kind of situation?
Shoot, stay away from me!
Yah! Are you not going to get off?!
If you don't get off on the count of three, then i'm going to make you!
one two
2 1/2 2 3!
You jerk!
Why are you so hot?
Yah, Goo JoonPyo, are you ok?
uh.. Are you sick?
Yes, thats right. If you're this hot, then it wouldn't be unusual for you to be sick.
It's cold. Cold?
What are you doing?
If you wrap your head with a shawl.. then you'll get warmer.
Get in I'll take you home.
No thanks. Anyway. I have to think about what I have to say to my mom. I'll just walk and take the bus.
I could help you out, help you think of an excuse?
Ah, ah,ah! AI YAH!
I'm sorry mom and dad. I'll never do this again. I have sinned greatly!
One, Two, Three!
Who sinned greatly? It seems you saved a pretty important person last night, huh?
The successor to the Shinhwa Group!
Then Shinhwa group is what kind of group?
The number one group in Korea, of course!
Then having saved the successor of Shinhwa group is as good as saving the Korean economy.
How would it be a sin? It's not even enough for you to get a decoration!
That's why these came instead of decorations!
It looks good, huh?
Where did all this come from? 'And how did you know that?
How could we not know! Young master . . . wait . . . young master, young master.. what was the young master's name?
Joon Pyo! Goo JoonPyo!
Goo JoonPyo.
I know, I know.
Young master, JoonPyo, sent all this.
He told us that you were with him and told us not to scold you, and all this is to repay your kindness.
Maybe because he is a young master of the supreme Chaebol (Korean conglomerate) group, how polite he was!
He said next time he will visit us in person to see how we're doing.
It's so touching. My tears keep welling up.
Mom, don't cry.
Honey how could you cry on such a good day?
Tell them that since you spent the night with me I'll take the responsibility for you.
Hey! JoonPyo sunbae's going out with Geum JanDi !!!
Geum JanDi's boyfriend is JoonPyo sunbae !!!!
Geum JanDi ascends to JoonPyo's girlfriend.
Commoner, Geum JanDi's upward social mobility! Ascent to Goo JoonPyo's girlfriend.
Geum JanDi becomes Goo JoonPyo's girlfriend.
I'm so jealous!
Oh, isn't she JanDi?
JanDi's coming.
JanDi! Hi! You're so pretty today!
Geum Jan Di, hi!
JanDi, hi! Nice to meet you!
JanDi! JanDi! Good morning!
Oh! oh! good morning!
JanDi! JanDi! Don't you want to go shopping together?
Geum JanDi. Come to my birthday party next week. Here, have this.
Thank you. Thank you.
Geum Jan Di.
This must be some kind of plot.
JoonPyo, is this really true?
It's not! It's not! It's not what you guys think!
This is...
It's true. No! No!
A long time ago, in a golden lawn (Geum JanDi) hill where Magi--
Are you ok?
Just a little lightheaded.
I'm okay, don't worry.
That's a relief. Nobody knows that I came here, so it's okay.
JanDi . . .
F4 Goo Joon Pyo, is it true?
It can't... No way. It's just a rumor.
But it seems, he really likes you.
No, no way. He's just joking around and making fun of me. How could Goo JoonPyo...!
Don't you know how he is ? Especially with the incident last time...
How could the so called "Great Goo JoonPyo" like me?
That does seem impossible, right?
Going somewhere?
Yeah, I think I'm all better now.
JanDi, wanna go somewhere and have some fun?
Wait one sec..
Shin Hwa Kindergarden ?
Why are you touching other people's things?!
What is it that you are so curious about?!
It's because I wrote some weird things in it. . .
It's a bit embarrassing...
Sorry for getting mad.
No, I'm sorry for touching it without your permission.
Come with me to change.
JoonPyo, are you serious?
About what?
I'm talking about Geum JanDi.
If it's not for real, what else would it be?
For us, it isn't easy to call many things "real."
Our freedom only extends as far as dating.
You haven't forgotten that it's your parents who make the final decision, right?
Was it just talk when you guys said you were men?
What is this? You mean to say, it was all just a show?
What is your meaning of a real man then?
A man who is responsible from the beginning to the end.
Till the end?
That's right! Till the end.
Don't you want to dance?
Don't you want to dance?
This is my first time at a place like this I'm just going to watch.
Ok. Then wait here for a minute.
I'm very sorry.
What? Something wrong?
You're so ugly. The least you can be is a better dancer.
With a figure like that there's no way you'd fit into a place like this.
Try not to make an ass of yourself!
Gaeul, you're not going anywhere right?
I'm not going anywhere.
Just don't go! Don't leave me!
Gosh, what nonsense is this now?
Quick, go and make porridge or something!
Welco . . . .
Does Geum JanDi work here?
I don't see her.
It's her day off.
And you...JanDi's friend?
Since when?
Since kindergarten.
Then you're her best friend?
Lets go!
Eh? To where?
Oh! Oh!
See! I was right.
I'm saying this in case Geum JanDi gets hurt.
So I'd like you to give her some good advice.
You know, like things that matter to girls.
What kind of advice?
Things like "Don't even look at a tree that you can't climb"?
Or "You are a toy to pass the time of Young Masters of the Chaebol (Korean conglomerate). So when you are thrown away, just accept it."
Hey, calm down.
It's scary when a cutie like you gets mad.
Gaeul, you are certainly Jan Di's friend.
You may think that every girl would fall for your sweet talk with that cute face of yours,
but I'm not like that.
I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear you.
The more I think about it, it's infuriating!
The one who started this was not JanDi, but him.
Our JanDi never even dreamed of climbing up that kind of tree. Got that??
Yo, YeeJung. What did you do this time?
Nothing at all.
When a girl dashes out of here in anger, there could be only one reason.
Whatever. She's not my type. I don't care for that genre.
What genre is that?
The kind that whether it be a comedy or romance, always ends up as a tear-jerking soap opera.
I really don't like tacky things like that.
You didn't have to go after that so desperately.
It was important. I didn't want it to fall. I'm sorry.
It's not really that big a deal.
It's suffocating in here, isn't it?
Thank You.
I'll play one more piece before heading down.
Ah, I'm thirsty.
(Thanks for last night.)
No.. No! This can't be!!!
Why the school uniform all of a sudden?
Wearing it once in a while isn't so bad.
Your hair.. are you really going to straighten it all?
It's already been two hours. Don't tell me you're going to do this every morning?
Don't worry, I'll figure something out.
Do it right.
What is it that you don't like? What about me is so unappealing?
Your slimy mouth, arrogant gait, that curly hair. They're all annoying, OK?
I hate that you guys don't wear uniforms.
That whole Red card thing, bullying others is what I hate the most of all.
Lets go!!
Ah, it can't be.
There's no way. No, no! How can I not remember anything?
Calm down, let's calm down, Geum JanDi.
If something did happen, it'd be impossible for me not to remember it.
Is that possible? No, it´s not!!
Yes? No? Aish..I'm going insane!!
Who do you think you are?! Let go.
Why? When did you get so cheeky?
My goodness... how rude of you.
This is why they say poor people are the scariest..
I knew that you were pretending to be innocent. But you've gone too far.
Ya! I don't understand a thing you're saying!
There's no reason for you to be treating me like this.
Really, no reason?
Let go! Are you going to let go?
Let's teach her a lesson! What? Why? Let go!
Let go of me!
No reason for this?
Cheating on JoonPyo sunbae, is the same as cheating on all of us.
Insulting F4, is the same as insulting all of us!
A dirty rag like you.. Did you really think we'd let you disgrace Shin-hwa High like this?
You bitch...
What are you doing?
Who do you think you are to picking on her like this?
JoonPyo sunbae, don't be fooled by her! Once you see this, you'll come to your senses!
No, Goo JoonPyo. This isn't the truth! They're wrong.
How could this be wrong?
There are even photos to prove it.
I don't know. I think someone tricked me.
So this is who you are?
Is this the type of woman you are?
You were fooled were you? Are you really the type of woman who can be tricked so easily?
Goo JoonPyo, it doesn't matter whether you believe me or not.
I don't know why I'm defending myself over something so ridiculous.
In any case, this is not what it seems.
I...I really don't know what's going on!
I'll only ask you one question.
The woman in the picture . . . Is it not you, Geum Jan Di?
You said you don't care whether I believe you or not.
Fine. You'll be glad to know that I don't.
Geum JanDi, from now on, I want nothing to do with you.
Hey, you rag!
Take off your uniform! Take it off, hurry!
This can't go on. He could very well kill someone in that state.
I haven't seen him act like this since Joon Hee noona got married.
Quick, let's go.
I'm sorry. I'm not sure.
Please, can I have just one look?
First, It's imperative we find this jerk.
You said you met him at the club, right?
I went to ask, but they said they don't know him
When you first woke up in the morning, was there anything that stuck out in the bedroom?
Like a business card or personal belongings.
Ah! There was a memo written on the mirror.
It said, "Thank you for last night." in red lipstick.
Wait, Lipstick?
Was it yours?
Then it must belong to that guy!
There were 3 people there..
Stop saying nonsense and but out.
Wait a minute! Could it be?
Look, these photos don't look like selca. (selca: short for 'self camera pictures')
There must've been another person in the room, because someone else took the photos.
The owner of the lipstick?
What are you doing?
It looked like there was some dust there.
But it won't rub off.
Look at that!
Let's go.
Wait, wait.
Leave it to us.
Uhhh . . . sure.
With looks like that... they're definitely from Andromeda.
I don't recognize it.
It's a bit complicated.
Complicated? I hear he's the head honcho here.
I guess, if we take away the head honcho that would be a big blow to you.
Thank you for understanding.
If you don't hand over that guy, we might have to close down this place. How about that?
WIthin a month?
We have our [F4's] reputation
We'll be able to finish it off in a week.
The building next door is yours right ?
We'll be able to start as soon as tomorrow
Shall I practice? I need a bit of a warm up.
What was that name?
So then..
f(x) is equal to or greater than 0
Everyone is invited to the Tomato party for the commoner Geum JanDi
Going first?
JanDi, JanDi
I have something important to take care of, so I'm going to go first, okay?
Oh nothing. Later
(one, two, three)
There's no need to be in such pain.
Why are you acting like this over a lowly commoner like her?
It doesn't make sense.
Please wake up. This isn't right.
Why are you acting like this Goo JooPyo? There's no reason for it!
You . . .
Aren't you JanDi's friend?
If you're her friend, why would you say those things?
Because she stole you from me.
Don't go, please.
Take your hands off me.
Why Geum JanDi and not me?!
What do you see in her?
No, this isn't true. Goo JoonPyo, it's not true. They're wrong.
How can they be wrong if there's proof?
I don't know. I think someone's trying to set me up.
Is that all?
Do more. Just try and do more!