СтопХам,3.Братва и Ствол/Russian mafia

Uploaded by StopXAM on Sep 19, 2011

[Petrovka street]
You, unfortunately, really bothering.
Look your car make hard traffic
I'll have to stick your sticker on the windshield![on sticker is write: I f**k you, I`m parking everywhere]
Let's try it!
Hey f***ing!
softly, softly, softly..
Oh f*ck,f*ck,f*ck he has a gun
Gun!Take away a gun
let`s get up
Let's get up!
Let's see your papers!
Well, he would remove the car.
If you do not leave,I'll have to stick your sticker
And after, what I'll will do you think? [thumbs up for Russian mafia]
what will you do?
You will see!
F**king cameras! Don`t shot me![uncensored]
Don`t you see that I`m working?[uncensored]
oh f**k, oh f**ck f**k! F**k off!Idiots!'[untranslated russian dialect]
Are you really have a fun?
No we are tolking searisly!
F... you!