Peter Thorn on TC Electronic Nova System

Uploaded by tcelectronic on 23.02.2009

I'm Uffe from TC and
and I'm here with Pete Thorn to talk a little bit about the Nova
System, that you are using.
Do you want to share a little bit of your thoughts on that
and how you use it?
I got one when the unit came out and right away I took it
to japan to use on a one off gig
with a guy named Daniel Powter, that I play with sometimes.
So it's a great unit for things like that because it's so small and compact
and has great sounds in it. So I had this pedal board bill with nova system and a couple
other things on it.
And you know you can throw it in your suitcase or whatever. I had a little road
case made for a head
and for the Nova and you can just drop the nova and a
head right in there and few cables. And what you got in there is your sounds
and when you get to the gig you got it - without a bunch and cabels and pedals.
So it's pretty cool!
That was my thinking: that I would use it on my fly dates, you know,
if I had to go somewhere and do a one off like a television show or
something out of town I could take it.
rather than bring the full on rig with all kinds
of pedals and heads and stuff like that.
So lets have a look at it.
Yes this is my little
baby board right here
um... so basically what I've got here is a nova system
that's a volume and a wah in one pedal...
so you know it's the same as having both.
And then I've got just like on my G-system system an A/B box
The A side goes through the electric rig through the Nova System,
amp and stuff
and if I hit the pedal it will go out a DI for acoustic guitar and I can
use the same board
for acoustic guitar.
I've got a tuner on there as well.
The Nova has a good tuner in it more for ahÉto have
it and peace of mind and then it also mutes the whole thing
which is a nice thing. I can use my acoustic as well with that, you know
so I thought I'd just throw
a regular tuner on there as well
for the heck of it. So that's pretty much my thinking
on the unit.The way a lot of guys use it that, you know, there's two
ways you can use the unit.
It has its own internal drive sounds
- overdrives and distortions.
uh... and of course if you're going to use those and you're gonna run it
in front of an amplifier
set probably cleaned
with a medium gain or something like that.
There's another way you can use it, which is
in the loop of an amplifier, like the effects loop of your favorite amp, but when you
do that you are not going to be able to use the the drive portion of the Nova System.
so of course you're gonna run drives in front of the amp.
Do you use the boost as well to push your amp a little bit harder?
Generally my thinking is that you set your drive up for
a nice overdrive so you hit the boost for solos and the parts you want to stand
out more.
So the amplifier I'm using right now it my PT100 head and
I'm using just the clean channel set quite clean.
So it's kinda like a twin reverb type sound.
You could probably get
that type of sound out of a lot of different amps if you're
renting an amp on a fly date or something.
So I'm thinking - set the amp up a kind of clean and use the Nova for
your drive sounds and what not.
so ok the Nova is switched out of line right now
uh... so I can step through a few different sounds
This is the overdrive portion of the Nova which to me is sort of 'tubescreamer-esque'
So if you've got an amp set clean
.. it's very warm and very analog sounding.
It IS analog!
That's why it is analog sounding because it is analog!!
But it sounds great you know and then you can switch in the boost
on top of that
É with the added gain on top of there.
Off course there's compression in the unit too
There you have the compressor.
It's cool for
clean parts of fretting with sustain on the dry sound
Éfor a smooth sound
The Nova has got a full complement of delays like analog tape
um... ducking delays, all kinds of...
TC is of course known for their delay and modulation effects
That sounds like an analog echo you've got goingÉ
The modulation section has got tremolo and flange
Nice tremolo
Reverb off course
Okay it doesn't have a dedicated leslie speaker simulator but
using a fast chorus and maybe a bit of EQ
you get a really great É
organic sound that's pretty
dead on.
Really nice leslie sounds, so I came up with that patch
Okay so this is an overdrive I came up with a little more gain than the
one on the other preset.
Still it's using the drive...

É with a bit of delay there too so that's the overdrive, not the distortion effect.
This is a distortion

You know, just a little bit harder sounding distortion and
you know, not quite as smooth but a little more edgy more for
This kind of sounded like a Marshall JCM800 so I
called it JCM800
It's a nice Marshall sound.
The effecs are really pristine
Tc makes really pristine effectsÉ (laughs)
The Edge kind of delay with dotted eight notes.
The trails are kind of pristine
like the Edge's sound.
This next sound I did:
I do lot of volume swells
Switching in here and there is an analog echo
and then the vibrato as well in the modulation section
Nice for ambience
Yes it's really warm
Thats it. Thats how I use it basically .. just rent your favorite amp
if you are on a fly date or whatever
or your favorite kind of readily available amp: twin or whatever, even like a
Marshall set clean and then run this in front and get your drives in
and all your effects out of it. You know, it works great!
So thats how I'm using Nova. Thanks for sharing and for having us!