[Eng sub] SJ-M's TW fan meeting recaps - WQYL (12-10-2009)

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The Korean wave arrived.
Even if the weather got any colder, Super Junior M,
still made 3,000 fans' faces turn red and hearts beat.
SJ-M sang and danced at their first fan party.
SJ-M danced hard while the fans shouted their lungs out.
Every movement from SJ-M caused the fans to scream.
Hello everyone, we are, Super Junior M!
I love Super Junior M!
We love you too!
This place is so big. Those sitting at the very back probably can't see us very clearly compared to the front.
But in our next song, we'll still try very hard to make eye contact with every fan.
Of course, singing a fast song isn't enough.
They wore white suits like princes and sang their other single, Blue Tomorrow, affectionately to the fans.
Since it was a fan meeting, obviously, there would be activities done with the fans.
And SJ-M played musical chairs with their fans.
Their close interactions with the fans pushed the fan meeting to its climax.
Watch the chairs.
Everyone knows how to sing it. That's amazing!
"Look Look at me Don't..."
- This side... - Don't fight with her.
- Do you want to say thank you to Hangeng? - I thank him very much.
What?! Did someone say give her a hug?
You should've said so earlier.
SJ-M is really very cute.
SJ-M was very generous. Regardless of the fan winning or losing, every fan received a hug of love.
Donghae, please come shake hands with her.
"Just hug her directly!"
Okay, thank you.
Bye bye! See you!
Where did you take the fan?..Where did she go?
I brought her to...I'm going to marry her in a bit.
In the next round of musical chairs,
for the sake of protecting their own super girl, SJ-M almost turned against each other.
Press on!
You were pushed away like this...by your own member.
It's okay...he's like my little brother. It's fine.
But I'm hurt.
How did it feel sitting on a girl's lap?
First time.
Are you embarrassed since it's your first time?
"Red"... (Blushing)
SJ-M interacted with the fans and displayed their friendliness.
They held two fan meetings in Taiwan and all the seats were filled up,
proving their popularity status.
It looks like SJ-M's 7-member's popularity is not any less of the 13-member Super Junior.
In order to enter the Chinese market, Super Junior's record company specially chose 5 members:
Hangeng, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Donghae and Ryeowook.
And added Henry and Zhoumi, which were selected from contests,
to form the most unique group, Super Junior M.
We sang "U" before in Korean in Super Junior.
This time, the music has been rearranged and we are singing it in Chinese.
In Super Junior, Leeteuk is the leader.
But this time, for Super Junior M, I'm the leader.
Leader! Leader Hangeng!
Do well and speak well.
- Am I not doing well? - You're doing very well.
That's more like it.
Super Junior M, who debut in April of 2008, has 3 Chinese members.
And two are from mainland.
Thus, when SJ-M released their first Chinese single, "Me," it was extremely well received in China.
It could be said that SJ-M was popularized after the craze for Super Junior in Taiwan.
This is reflected after they released their mini album, Super Girl, in October 2009.
Since the release, they have already topped 7 charts.
Super Girl follows the trend of dance songs.
Simple dance steps are choreographed for the song, so that fans can dance along.
I'm Ryeowook.
(Are you tired?)
I'm not tired.
It's been 5 hours?
We've been continuously filming the group dance.
Dancing the same dance for 5 hours in an enclosed space
seems to be something that SJ-M members are already used to.
After filming in black suits, they change and continue filming again.
It's still not done.
I think we'll have to dance it for about 30 times.
It's really hot. Everyone is working hard.
Super Junior, who has already gained popularity in Taiwan,
passes their wave over to their sub-group, SJ-M,
helping them accumulate many fans in a short period of time.
It looks like we really can't disregard the craze that SJ brought over.