Mr. Winkle Wakes

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jbjb Mr. Winkle awoke from his hundred years slumber to find the world had changed Sleepy,
he made his way to a tall building filled with busy people and strange sounds he had
never heard before. Machines printed out pictures and documents instantly on paper. Business
people spoke to other business people halfway across the world and saw each other too on
small screens on their desks. It was too much change for Mr. Winkle; he had to get out of
there. He was feeling sick and so he went to a hospital. Inside he saw men and women
kept alive by machines. which breathed life into their lungs Lasers and x-rays were used
in surgeries. Mr. Winkle had never thought were even possible this hospital wasn't going
to make him feel better. He made his way out onto the street unsure of where to go. until
he felt like he could walk no longer. Up ahead he saw a school He walked inside. It was instantly
familiar. Students sat in neat rows while the teacher in front of the room lectured
them all day long on reading, writing and arithmetic, while the students took notes
on what their teacher said This went on all day. Mr. Winkle liked school Whoa There was
one of those strange machines though in the back of the room the same kind that Mr. Winkle
had seen in the hospital and in the office building but it was dusty and it wasn't being
used This was school just as Mr. Winkle remembered it It was comforting to know that even after
one hundred years, some things still remained the same. heIX heIX heIX heIX gdeIX gdeIX
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