Man on the Moon (4/9) Movie CLIP - Tony Gets Fired (1999) HD

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Andy, the reason I'm calling you like this is...
I have the utmost respect for your artistry.
Well, may I say that I've always appreciated that, Ed.
Thank you. But you see, in this instance...
I have to ask your permission to fire Tony.
George, this is gonna kill Tony. He's waited for this his whole life.
Andy, there'll be other shots.
Yeah, we have to do this. He's just a terrible actor.
Okay. But please, let him down gently.
Trust us.
Fuck you! I'm not going!
We had a deal.
I know who you talked to. You must have talked to someone else!
Yeah! I was talking to Andy Kaufman!
I don't know no Andy Kaufman!
Security, get in here!
He is ruining my life!
Security! Get in here!
Do not hurt him! He's a talented man!
I don't want any pictures leaving this set!
Hey! Give that back! Hey!
Get Zmuda, he's one of them!
If you guys ever go to Vegas, you're not getting in!
Hey, come here! Give me the camera! Come here! Come on!
Give me the camera!
I got $20 says you work for me now!
I would like to use the phone!
Not on the lot, sir.
How about a bathroom? I may have shit my pants.
- Drink of water? - No.
- Aspirin? - No.
- Moist towelette? - No.
In that case, it has been an honor and a good-bye!