I'm on a Mac (I'm on a Boat parody)

Uploaded by mncheeseboy on 25.12.2009

Woah! A free Mac for me and a friend!
Sweet! Now who should I give them to?
Well, one for me. And one for...
-Jewshnizzle -Cool
♪♪ Ya, ya, shorty
Aw shit!
Get your RAM ready, it's about to go down!
-Speed it up! -Everybody in this place click an app
in your dock -Click it!
An Intel chip's running this, lets go!
So start up you motherboard and BIOS
-I'm on a Mac -I'm on a Mac
-I'm on a Mac -I'm on a Mac
Everybody look at me, 'cuz I'm surfing on my mac

-Surfing on my Mac -I'm on a Mac -I'm on a Mac
-Take a good hard look, at my ass-kicking Mac -Woah
I'm on a Mac, PC users take a look at me
Not crashing on my Mac, laughing at PCs
Busting gigahertz, wind wiping out my code
You can't stop my motherboard, 'cuz I'm on a mac!
Taking pictures with photo booth bitch
We're doing screen sharing 'cuz it's built in
I got the web in front of me, with Safari
I'm making movies, theater quality, with iMovie
I'm running Snow Leopard, doing flips and shit
My Leopard's running faster, then Vista bitch!
But this aint' Windows, Mac's as good as it gets
I'm on a Mac PC users don't you ever forget!
I'm on a Mac and, it's really fast and,
I've got an 802.11-n draft man! It's an Intel-based dual core machine
It's got 8 gig of, DDR3 RAM! Start your kernel up, this mac is real!
-Fuck PCs, I'm on a Mac mother fucker! -Mother fucker
-Fuck DOS I use unix mother fucker! -Mother fucker
-I click apps from a dock mother fucker! -Yeah, yeah
This Mac's sound card really rocks mother fucker!
-Hey Mr. Jobs if you could see me know -See me know
-Amazed by my Mac, telling the world wow -Wow
Gana make an app, for iPhone somehow! After switching to Intel, anything is possible!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, never thought I'd be in a Mac,
It's Aluminum front-to-back! The difference, a Mac can make
Spaces keeps you organized, ay, with the help of Exposé
Believe me when I say, switch to a Mac today!
I'm on a Mac, I'm on a Mac
Everybody look at me, 'cuz I'm surfing on my mac!
I'm on a Mac, I'm on a Mac, take a good hard look at me ass-kicking Mac
Yeah, yeah, shorty
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