Gulaal hindi movie part 12 with english subtitles 2009

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Make me some tea.
Anuja ma'am has left.
So, what do I do? -I'm leaving, too.
So, you're doing a favor by telling me. Get lost.
I didn't get a chance to tell you last night, but Bittu...
...I was five years old when you were born.
If anyone ever understood you better than...
..your father or your brother, it was Anuja.
She made you her friend, despite your shortcomings.
She has lost nothing, you have.
You want people who want you to change.
You want people who want you to change.
You want people who want you to change.
You want people who want you to change.
You want people who want you to change.
You want people who want you to change.
You want people who want you to change.
Look what you've become, because of them
But, Anuja ma'am liked you just the way you were.
She was the one who got your friend, Ransa, killed.
She's the daughter of the same king.
She's no women. She's a lousy women.
Don't abuse her. -If you don't believe me, go see it for yourself.
How she's stuck to Duki Bana.
Look. Look at this. This isn't make-up.
That idiot thrashed me because of that lousy woman.
You still think I'm lying. Then go see for yourself.
I swear on Ransa. Where are you going? Listen to me first.
Hear me out. I'm not lying!
I want to talk to Kiran. -Put that gun down.
Dileep, you've gone insane? -Shut up, I want to talk to Kiran.
She isn't here.
Then call her!
It's a happy day in Rajasthan.
The freedom party has won the elections.
And, all their kings and princes have returned victorious.
Bana, Bana!
Bhati, call her.
Bhati, call her. I want to talk to her.
Have you gone insane?
Call her. -Okay. -I want to talk to her. -I'm calling her, here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Bhati, don't call her.
You stay quiet.
All of this is happening because of you. -Bhati!
I told you so many times to not meet that girl.
Bhati, call her! -Yes, I'm telling her.
I'm calling her. -Go, go.
She doesn't love you.
She didn't realize it yet.
Stop talking like a kid.
You snatched her away from me.
She got Ransa killed.
Gaurav killed her. He is also using her.
Hello? -Yes, Sanjeev.
Now listen, there is that girl..
What is her name? Yes, Kiran. Tell her to talk to Duki Bana.
What happened? -Nothing. Just like that..
You carry on with worshiping. I'll be back.
Where is he? -He is there, downstairs.
Come here.
One minute.
Don't let anyone go out. Got it?
No one will go out. Got it?
Till I return.
If Duki Bana dies,...
...they have no one who will become their Commander-in-Chief.
And to make me the Commander-in-chief, they will... give father's name.
As long as Bhati is there...'s touch to kill Duki Bama.
Dileep, talk to her on the phone.
She'll make a call. -I don't want to talk to her on the phone.
I want to talk to her in front of you.
Okay, talk to her.
By the time she comes here, Bana will die.
Bhati, tell her to come here.
You will give away the bride?
We have to remove Bhati from our path.
Hello, one minute.
Bhati called. Duki Bana wants to talk to Kiran Shah.
Tell him that he can't meet her.
Kiran can't meet him.
Bhati is coming to the union office.
You know how many men she has slept with?
I want to hear it from her.
You think a lot.
You don't want to accept that she has used you.
Kiran made herself do that on your insistence.
On my insistence?
Why did you need to make Ransa contest in the elections?
It was not my decision.
It was Raja Saheb's.
Which Raja Saheb, Bana?
His Highness Mirtyunjay Singh.
The founder of Rajputana.
Ransa's father.
He, too, made the same mistake that my father did with Prithivi Bana.
For schooling, he was sent to England.. John Lenin's.
As desperately as you seek Kiran, Dileep,...
..I want Rajputana even more.
What if I had gone, and told everything to the police.
You wouldn't have told them.
You wouldn't have told them.
Because, you're a nice guy.
When I can kill Jadwal..
..imagine what I could have done to you.
Can you fetch me some water?
After the imposition of this ban...
..this is the second suicide..
..where before shooting himself, the victim told his relative..
..Indra Gandhi's 'Garibi Hatto' (End poverty) scheme.