Symbols of Thanksgiving in Math Class

Uploaded by MDWeathers on 17.11.2011

I'm just gonna have to do it myself, I guess
I can't rely on technology.
It's that time of year again,
where we see lots of symbols of Thanksgiving around us.
For example, the cornucopia.
Actually, I have one. Where did I put it?
Oh! There it is, let me grab that.
When you see a cornucopia, let it remind you
of all the blessings you've been given
Another symbol that we see sometimes is the turkey.
And when you're eating turkey...
Actually, I asked for a stuffed turkey. Where is it?
Oh, there it is.
Let me grab that.
Um...? Ah!
So here's a turkey. So as you're eating your turkey,
remember to be thankful for the food you've been given.
Actually, I feel kind of restricted here.
A little bit... boxed in.
I kinda wish I had more...
I'm not very content with this small little box here
Oh, you know what? Let me maximize the window.
Here it is.
Ah... much better. I like all this room.
Okay, so as I was saying, the symbols of a turkey,
and I have a stuffed turkey here.
Wait a minute, when I asked for a stuffed turkey,
I didn't mean a stuffed animal.
You know what? We don't even need these symobols
to remind us to be thankful. Let me get rid of these.
Let me show you some statistics.
One point four billion people live on less
than a dollar twenty-five a day.
And four fifths of the world actually live
on less that ten dollars a day.
So in comparison, most of you are very rich.
But let's learn not to compare ourselves
but instead just be thankful for the things that we do have
So in fact, maybe these symbols are a useful way
to remind us to be thankful.
So, actually, could somebody toss that
turkey back to me? I want it back.
>> I'll get it
You want this? You want me just to throw it to you?
>> Yeah, yeah, just toss it to me right here.
>> Okay, you ready?
>> Thank you.
>> You're welcome.
>> And actually, you know what? Since you're here
I'll just give it back to you.
Why don't you take these symbols?
Here's the cornucopia
I'll let you have this back
>> Alright, well thanks. Here we go.
>> And you can have this stuffed turkey back, too
>> Oh. Alright. Thank you.
>> And finally, I might as well give you back your screen
I don't need to use this whole screen.
And so, how do I minimize a YouTube video?
>> You just press "escape."
>> Just escape on the keyboard, like this?
>> Yeah.
Okay, so did you learn anything from this experience?
>> Yeah, I actually have learned something
I learned to be content with this small box
I don't need the whole screen
I can be happy with just what I'm given.
And that's what I'm going to remember during Thanksgiving.
[applause] Okay, well, Happy Thanksgiving.