Perfect Match Gel Polish Tutorial Part4-Removing

Uploaded by lechatartist on 13.12.2010

Hello, it’s Kanika.
I have given you instruction in Part’s 1, 2, and 3
of the Perfect Match Gel Polish series,
and now we will learn Part 4: how to remove your gel polish.
Designed to meet the challenges of traditional nail polish,
Perfect Match lasts up to 14 days and soaks off in about 10 minutes
in a way that will leave the natural nails undamaged.
It also comes with a free matching nail lacquer.
We have a huge selection of vibrant,
consistent colors of the highest quality.
I will show you two soak-off methods.
For your Soak-off Option 1 ,
you will need your Nobility Soak-off Remover,
Moisturizing Lotion, and a Hand Towel.
Let’s begin by adding some moisture to the cuticle
around the nail to reduce dehydration of the skin.
In an acetone resistant dish.
Pour enough remover to allow nails to be fully covered.
Place the hand comfortably in the dish,
and soak for up to 5 to 10 minutes.
You may cover with a hand towel to accelerate this process.
For your Soak-off option 2,
you will need your Nobility Soak-off Remover,
Moisturizing Lotion, a White Block Buffer,
Aluminum foil and cotton.
Same as before, we will begin by moisturizing the skin first.
With your Whit Block Buffer,
buff each nail til porous to allow for faster removal.
Now with your foil cut to your desired length.
Saturated the cotton with remover,
place onto the nail bed, and seal cotton within the foil
and leave for 5 to 10 minutes.
As we have finished removing the product.
You will need a cuticle pusher, a White Block Buffer,
and Vitamin Enriched Cuticle Oil.
After the appropriate time,
remove hand from dish or unwrap from foil.
You will notice the gel has started to peel away from the nail bed.
Using your cuticle pusher,
gently remove any lifted product from the nail.
Now using your White Block Buffer,
remove any product left behind.
At this point, you may spray and wipe the nails
using the Nobility Gel Cleanser and a wipe.
Then continue on to reapply a new Perfect Match Gel Polish color
with the prepping stage already complete.
Or you may finish your client’s manicure.
Either way, end by massaging some Vitamin Enriched Cuticle Oil
into each nail to replenish the moisture.
With proper removal, the natural nail is left healthy and undamaged.
Thanks for joining me, for more information
please feel free to give us a call or look us up online.