The Mp3 Experiment Eight

Uploaded by ImprovEverywhere on 25.07.2011

Welcome to the MP3 experiment 8.
My name is mark and I'll be you omnipotent voice today.
Follow my instructions and we'll all have a pleasant time together.
Tonight is the annual "Celebration of Lights Festival"
and our councils have arranged
for a meeting of the tribes in the neutral zone.
But first we must do some activities on our own
To prepare for this very important diplomatic ceremony.
In a minute we're going to try
and take one big jump at the same time.
Great job everybody.
In the northern tribe a slow dance is done in a unique way.
When the music plays you can dance in any style you like.
So long as it's slow and your arms remain locked touching each others elbows.
♫ Slow dance ♫
♫ Dancing really slow ♫
♫ Slooooow ♫
Great job everybody.
Lets see if we can give a high 5 to a non-participant.
It's time to start walking to the neutral zone.
Welcome to the neutral zone.
To show the other tribe that we are ready to begin the first contact ceremony.
Take your flashlight out of your bag.
You are going to walk very slowly towards each other.
Stop when you are about twenty paces apart.
Walk forward and blend together with the other tribe.
Turn on your lights
[the sound of light-sabers clashing]
When I say go have a light-saber battle
With anyone and everyone you see.
You ready?
Everyone turn your flashlights off.
Now it's time for the presenting of the glow sticks.
Take out your glowstick and active it now.
When the music starts dance like you're at a rave in 1996.
It's time for the flashing of the cameras.
Great job everybody.
Take out your flashlight and put on the sacred mask.
We're going to have massive strobe light dance party.
Everyone take out your cam, bright objects, and glowsticks.
Make as much light as you possible can for the finale of the dance.
It's now time to say goodbye.
When I say go lets all scream goodbye.
[cheering continues to the end]
Thin interpolation is complete.
[Captions by Stargrave]