Biatlon / Biathlon 16.2.2011

Uploaded by EYOWF2011 on 16.02.2011

It is Wednesday and the fights for medals are in full swing. We are now at the Břízky venue,
where Biathletes are going to pit their strength against each other in sprints today.
How many biathletes are participating in the race today and which ones are the possible champions?
There are 89 boys and 79 girls; I suppose the front-runners are the athletes from Germany, Russia,
and Norway of course, and let’s hope that will also include the Czech competitors.
How heavy is the rifle the athletes carry on their backs?
Roughly 3.5 to 4 kilos, depending on how many accessories it has. There is a minimum limit
but no maximum and naturally everyone tries to be near the minimum limit.
We have a Czech competitor on the mike, Lukáš Jíra. Hi Lukáš, how was the race?
It was excellent; the tracks are well groomed and it was an advantage to ski on the home track.
Unfortunately I made a few mistakes with my shooting.
The race is not over yet, how do you think you will place?
I have no idea how the others shooting rounds turned out. I am hoping for 20th
but I will be happy if it is any place above 30th.
Yesterday you finished 16th, are you happy?
Yes I am. I did not expect it at all. I was comparing it to the World Championship;
in the end I am really glad about 16th.
Today’s race was a triumph for Johannes Bo from Norway.
Johannesi, jaké máš po závodě pocity?
Jsem moc šťastný, je to úžasný pocit být olympijským vítězem. Před startem, včera, jsem vyhrál stříbro,
takže jsem nemohl přestat myslet na zlato, protože druhé místo patří prvnímu poraženému.
Soustředil jsem se, abych zajel dobrý závod a doufal, že vyhraju medaili.