Забытая мелодия для флейты 2 серия

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Where have you been?
Your chief's secretary called, you weren't present at the Collegium.
Why are you so dirty?
First, please don't yell at me, okay?
And second, from now on I won't let you slight me anymore.
How brave you've got. What's the matter?
Lena, I must tell you.
I fell in love with another woman. I'm sorry.
That whore of a nurse?
Listen! I won't let you insult Lida!
You never loved me. You married me for your career.
My father has pulled you from rags to riches. You miserable flute player!
Yes, you and your father have ruined my talent!
You had no talent! You never had any talent!
- What happened? - Please don't ask.
Why are you so dirty?
I've had a most unlucky day.
Take it off.
Your chief's secretary called. You weren't present at the Collegium.
I auditioned a dancing group.
At the end of the world, Dmitrov Region. Can you imagine?
My poor boy.
Where're you going with your shoes on? Put on the slippers.
The road was terrible. And on top of that, there began a downpour.
Of course, I got stuck.
It took so much time to find a dump- truck driver, to have a cable fixed,
to get me hauled out onto the highway and then drive there...
Don't take too long, we have a reception at the Austrian Embassy.
- Yelena Fyodorovna? - Yes, it's me.
I'm calling at the request of your husband's close friend.
With the best intentions, in order to preserve your family.
What are you talking about? I don't understand.
Your husband has a very serious affair with a nurse named Lida.
This is a foul slander! You should be ashamed of yourself!
I'm sorry, but, unfortunately, it's not a slander, it's the truth.
- You're not ready yet? - I no longer feel like going.
It's protocol, I'm invited with my wife.
- You can go without your wife. - No, it's impossible.
You know that soon I'll have to travel to Austria.
You can tell that your wife got sick.
Anyway, Lyonya, something between us...
What between us?
Something's got wrong between us, Lyonya.
Tell me, am I not exciting you as a woman any more?
Why did you get that idea?
You don't sleep with me anymore.
Lena, come on...
You know I work so much, I get tired.
You can see that I come home and fall down absolutely exhausted.
Enough talking, we may be late.
I'm not going.
It's not the right time to have it out now.
All right, I can tell you only one thing.
I love you very much.
Sorry, but the Austrians are very punctual people, I can't be late.
I dropped by only for a minute. Here, I've brought you some foodstuffs.
Oh, thanks. I thought about you, too.
You won't walk here barefoot anymore. I bought you slippers.
Great slippers!
- Will you try them on? - Not now.
I'll try them on Sunday. Put the beef in the fridge.
Are you going to be here on Sunday?
- Why not? - And what lie will you tell at home?
Lie? As a matter of fact, I never lie.
On Sunday, our team, led by Yaroslav,
is going to make a raid on a fair where artists sell their paintings.
They say it's very interesting there.
Nobody knows how long I may be there.
But as soon as I'm free, I'll come to your place.
Lyonya, I want to go there, too. I want it so much.
No, it's impossible. That's all, I got to run.
Lyonya, I want to see the fair so much.
I won't be alone there.
I'll be keeping a distance, then we'll meet at your car.
No, all our people will be there. They know you.
- Please. - All right, if you want it so much...
- How shall I cook the beef? - Whatever you like.
I mean, beef stroganoff, of course. Your piece de resistance.
All right.
I'll cook it with fried potatoes. Can't you stay now?
Lida, really, I can't. I'm so busy. See you on Sunday, all right?
On a spring night, think about me,
On a summer night, think about me,
On a fall night, think about me,
And on a winter night, think about me.
Please hear through the whistles of a train,
Through the wind tearing clouds in the rain,
How I need, being in a vise most insane,
That in a room, where walls only restrain,
You'd close your eyes from happiness and pain,
Pressing in your temple's pulsating vein.
When will be the end of this nightmare?
They're going to send us to Kamchatka. My husband writes I may not return.
- I think I'm pregnant. - Oh, God!
It's cold and I got no warm things.
- We should wire a complaint. - I want to go home so much.
I don't understand why you're going.
It's snowing, and you usually catch cold so easily.
- Are you finished? - Yes, thank you.
It's okay, I'll put on something warm. They say it's very interesting there.
I'm going there on business.
Our entire team will be there, led by Yaroslav.
Those artists are a big problem, we must solve it as soon as possible.
Don't be afraid. I won't inconvenience you.
I'll be keeping a distance, and then we'll meet at the car.
You're putting me in a silly situation before my chief.
I'm coming on business and there you are, with my wife!
Will you hold it, darling?
I can go in a taxi.
No. Well, if you want it so much, let's go together.
Dear artists, don't use the horse-riding equipment
as painting stands.
- How much is it? - 300 rubles.
Oh, that's much! And this one?
Four hundred.
- Why is it more expensive? - More work put into it.
You call it work? Just outrageous! Some daub. Myasoyedov.
There's no sex.
- What sex? - It's even worse than sex.
The woman selling Hungarian pantyhose,
leave the territory of the fair at once!
- You're in the way. Step aside. - I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Lida, can I talk to you a minute? Let's get out of the way.
- Sure. - Excuse me.
It's your fault, Myasoyedov. What do we do with this crowd?
- Of private profiteers. - And speculators.
I have a friend, a former tank man, he's in charge of bulldozers now.
I'll give him a call and there will be nothing left here.
- No, that's too much. - It's history, my friend.
The time of bulldozers has passed.
Yes, unfortunately, it has passed. Today we use different methods.
We'll call up critics, and they'll do away with them better than bulldozers.
Today they come out on the streets with pictures, and tomorrow...
- With banners. - But there's no sex.
- What does sex have to do with it? - Yes, what?
Well, Myasoyedov, you got me into a mess.
Sorry. But I know what to do.
The only way to stop a spontaneous initiative...
is to organize it and head it.
So organize it and head it.
- You've got a charming wife. - Yes, she's all right.
And her fur coat is beautiful! Where did you buy it?
- Her father gave it to her. - You don't say!
Excuse me, Zhenya.
I think there're many interesting painters here.
Give me the keys.
- Hello, Lida. - Hello.
I've got the home keys. Give me the car keys.
- Please, don't leave, Lena. - You disgust me.
Lena, if you think there's something between Lida and me,
you're wrong, there's nothing between us.
- Oh, Lyonya! - Lyonya!
I can't leave as long as Yaroslav's here.
- Serve well, Lyonya. - Don't leave!
You swine! Where the hell are you going?
What did you tell her?
Please never call me again at my work and never come to my place.
Lyusia, let's get out of here!
Let me in.
I'm tired of living in filth.
I'll try to cross you out of my life.
Lena, I would like to...
Who is it?
Lida, it's me. Open up.
I left home. Here, my things.
You're crazy. What time is it?
Past one.
- You left yourself? - Yes.
I left myself.
Lida, let me in, please. I beg you.
I'm sorry, Leonid Semyonovich,
but this is not a hotel.
The clinic.
Lida, it's me. I want to see you.
You got the wrong number.
I was so scared I nearly died. Sasha, you're the hell of a driver.
- What if you rode in an ambulance? - No, thanks.
All right, bye.
Tanya. So we've agreed.
Wait, isn't he from the Department of Amateur Talent? Filimonov?
- That's the man. - How come? It can't be.
I have an excellent memory.
He visits a girl from our house.
- What a coincidence. - So, he's only human.
- Why is he sitting here? - She must be out.
- See you, guys! - Goodbye, Lida.
Don't be late tomorrow! Bye!
- Sasha! - Yes?
Too bad you can't stay at my place tonight.
I can.
- Bye! Bye! - Bye!
And who was that?
My personal life is none of your concern.
How long have you been hanging around?
Too long. I'm chilled to the bone.
And hungry. One can't get a seat in a restaurant now.
- Where did you come from? - From a rehearsal.
Lida, give me something to eat.
All right. Since you treated me to a dinner, I'll feed you too.
Thank you.
Sorry, I got no ham. What else were you seducing me with?
- With caviar. - Oh, I do have caviar.
- Squash caviar. Please. - Thank you.
Lida, I have a feeling
as though I'm a tree that has been cut down.
It was you who cut yourself down.
Yes, I know. Lida... where can I rent a room?
That's your problem.
Why did you come here? Where're your belongings?
- My belongings? - Yes.
My belongings are in the baggage hold at the Kursky Station.
I left the car to my wife.
I took only the most necessary personal things.
Lida, rent me a corner.
- What corner? - Any of the four corners.
It's too late. You've actually lost me.
I understand.
Well, thanks for the dinner.
You know, you look different. You've lost your gloss.
- Don't try to finish me off. - Yes.
I can imagine how shabby and savage you'll become.
Well, what the heck!
I'll let you in.
Lida, sweetheart...
But don't do anything silly. I'm letting you in only as a tenant.
- It's for me. - Are you expecting anybody?
If you're afraid, you may hide in the wardrobe.
Lida, I've come to stay.
Good evening.
Give me the flowers and go home, to your wife!
But you said yourself!
I see you're having a stormy personal life.
Yes, I'm not wasting time. Help me to move the wardrobe.
First the TV set, over there.
I want to shield myself from strangers. You're on this side, I'm on that.
And mind you, I'm letting you in only as...
As a tenant.
- Hello. - Good morning.
Hello, Leonid Semyonovich.
Good morning, Leonid Semyonovich.
- Hello. - Hello.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
- Go on. - Good morning.
Go on.
Why don't you say hello?
We've seen each other in the morning, in the kitchen, when you fried eggs.
Lyusia, remember, we haven't seen each other and I didn't fry anything.
- And I don't live there. Is it clear? - It's clear.
I respect you very much, but I think you've made a mistake.
Why did you move in with that woman?
Why so openly? You may do anything, but in whisper.
Lyonya, be reasonable. What do you need it for? You can live at my place.
My dear, you'll cool off and come to your senses.
It's not the time to fall in love.
What do you need that scandal for now, when you're slated for promotion?
Love her to your heart's content, but in secret.
Believe me, there's nothing between us. I just rent a part of her room.
Don't tell anyone about it.
To move in with a woman you love and not live with her is a perversion.
But how could they find out? I moved in only yesterday!
Lyusia, I'm going to strangle you!
- I didn't say a word to anyone. - Then why's the whole office buzzing?
- I have nothing to do with it. - And who has?
Come with me.
To be honest, I envy you. She's young, beautiful, healthy...
How do you know? You've just come in.
My position obliges. I must know everything.
I even know that you're aiming at my post, you ladies' man.
Lida, I'm tired of living behind the wardrobe. Can I move it?
You don't like it, you can move out. Good riddance.
- Why are you being so rude? - I didn't get a proper upbringing.
My mother worked at a weaving mill. She was a heavy drinker.
As for my father, I didn't even know him.
So I'm no match for you.
Stop saying nonsense.
It's for you, two rings. Who the hell is that?
It's Surova. How awful!
Hide in Kapitolina Ivanovna's room.
Come in, please.
Take off your apron.
- Why? - Take it off.
Open up.
Hello. Is Leonid Semyonovich here?
He's at home. Oh, there he is.
Oh, look who's here! How are you?
Today is our turn to clean the places of general use.
Lyonya dear, you can finish later, we got...
I'm afraid l came at a wrong time.
You're just at the right time, or you would've missed me.
I have to go shopping for yeast, flour... and butter. Wipe your feet.
I see you're busy, but I've got a problem.
Come in, I'll be glad to hear you out.
- Please. - Thank you.
- Good afternoon. - Good afternoon.
- Shoot. - Kiril's been expelled from college.
- Who's Kiril? - My nephew. He's at a theatre college.
Come on in. Sit down.
Zhenya, do you mind if I'll be fixing an iron while talking to you?
It doesn't heat well, and I have trouble ironing.
Give me another screwdriver. I'm listening.
Students get a very small stipend, so Kiril put together a group...
- We should buy a new one. - Buy it, you're the man of the house.
They made their money in the woods.
- Robbing? - Oh, no!
They lay in wait for cars,
in which couples...
Well, you know?
And pretending to be a militia patrol, extorted money from the debauchers.
He was unlucky one day, running into the newlyweds.
The man turned out to be a wrestler, he tied him up and took to the station.
Leonid Semyonovich, please help.
- What can I do? - Call the rector.
You're friends, aren't you?
Perhaps his methods were wrong, but Kiril was fighting for our morals.
Yes, of course.
But I would like to see that enterprising young man first.
Me, too.
He's here, waiting downstairs.
Here he is, my Kiril.
Comrade Katanyan? How are you?
Why do you call Comrade Filimonov Katanyan?
- Are you his wife? - Yes, I'm the Katanyan woman.
Why did you pay to me for her, then?
How much did you take?
I said that I have a fixed rate - 20 rubles a couple.
You scoundrel! Leonid Semyonovich!
Leonid Semyonovich, he sent half of the money to his mother.
See this scarf on me? It's his present.
He's so talented, he...
Let me do it. Scoundrel! Leonid Semyonovich, he's very talented!
Talented? We'll see it now.
Can you playact a moving worker, for example?
A moving worker? I can. I can do anything.
Move the wardrobe against the wall.
Do you mind?
You command, you're the man of the house.
Go ahead. But first take the folding bed out of there.
20 rubles for moving a wardrobe? Some rates!
But he's not bad in the role of a mover.
You will try to help him, of course.
We have a shortage of movers in our art now.
It's done. See for yourself.
Thank you very much. Goodbye.
What do you need it for? You were making such a great career.
Our people don't like it. I wish only the best for you.
Go, Zhenya. I still have to finish the floors.
A man from the Foreign Relations Dept. went to Austria instead of you.
Kiril, wait.
What do you say?
I say that you were beautiful. Especially washing the floor.
I have a suspicion that you've forgiven me.
But what's more important, Lyonya, you've completely ruined the iron.
We'll have to buy a new one.
The perestroika's just words. Destroyed the old and didn't create anything new.
What a pleasant surprise! Glad to see you. How are you?
Excuse me, Zhenya.
- What's up? - It won't take a minute.
This small key's from the mailbox, so you can come and pick up your mail.
Then, the key from the car, so you have something to come in.
After all, it's your car.
And the new key from the apartment. After all, it's not only my apartment.
That's about all.
I can't understand, is it an attack or a capitulation?
You know...
I feel lousy without you.
Well... it was stupid of me to start all that fuss.
To be honest, I'm very glad to see you.
Have a nice ride home.
You look great.
Yes, for a dumped woman, I look just stunning.
I'm dining at my father's today. Shall I tell him that we separated?
Doesn't he know yet?
No, if you didn't tell him.
No, I didn't.
Well, I won't be telling yet, either. Bye.
Give alms to a former bureaucrat.
You look tired. It's enough, take a rest.
Eat something hot. Come on.
I broke my personal record today - 24 rubles plus change.
Oh, really?!
- I brought you beef stroganoff. - Good girl.
- Maybe you'll call it quits for today? - No, I'll sit for a while.
There'll be a lunch break soon at the department next door.
There's a rumor they're going to be closed, too. So they pity me.
Come with me, mister.
On what grounds?
The law forbids begging.
Excuse me, but there's no such law.
Because in our country of socialism there cannot be any beggars.
Give alms for food! Give alms for food!
Brothers, give as much as you can spare to a former department chief!
I've got a big family! We're starving!
Thank you, dear.
Give alms to a former department chief.
Your kind should go to a collective farm. They're short of manpower.
We can't go to collective farms, we don't know how to do anything.
We will ruin them completely. They're on the verge of collapse as it is.
Gloomy clouds gathered at sunset,
Perestroika began at the dawn.
An unjustly fired bureaucrat
Bid adieu to his office before he was gone.
Farewell, my room, so nice and fair,
Farewell, the red carpet's running train,
Let me sit in my Karelian-birch chair
For the last time, just once again.
Once again my stern look be pronounced
In the lamps' shining glare,
May my all fifteen telephones
Ring for me a farewell fanfare.
Have I ever given any permission?
Didn't I knock at doors? Or didn't I bend?
Why did Fate, then, with so much derision,
Put a rock in my outstretched hand?
Why have you abandoned your old friend?
For him the life of hardship is to come!
For his simple soul won't comprehend
How one can talk not through an intercom.
He said so and out he took a trip,
Moving away along the carpet's trajectory,
And a tear was running down the hip,
The shapely hip of his personal secretary.
Folks, I'm pure in my soul.
Any possible help will suffice.
The world's poorest orphan on the dole
Is a man without his office.
Of the present moment my own slogan
To introduce I'm harboring an intention:
Help with your hard-earned change if you can!
You're seeing a victim of acceleration!
Help with your hard-earned change if you can!
You're seeing victims of acceleration!
What is it, my love?
Nothing. I dreamed some ghastly things.
Now I'm fine.
I feel as though I'm a child again and you're my mother.
I got to run to work. Your breakfast's on the table, the lunch in the fridge.
I'll go and take a walk.
But not for long. And muffle yourself.
I'll miss you.
What happened, Leonid Semyonovich?
Someone's stolen a wheel.
- Let me put the spare one. - Can you do it?
I started as a driver for a district Party Committee Secretary.
Then he was promoted,
and fixed me up with a job of instructor at the Culture Department.
Leonid Semyonovich, we've got a problem.
The Tambov Chorus has been arrested.
- Arrested? Where? - In Krasnodar.
What for?
They were selling their folk costumes at the market.
They've spent up all they had, got no money for tickets back home.
Damn! Listen, Alexei Akimovich.
Fly to Krasnodar at once and get the chorus freed.
All right.
Leonid Semyonovich, Yaroslav is finished. He's been told to retire.
I know.
Excuse me, but my advice to you is to return to your wife.
- Or it'll be the end of your career. - What d'you mean?
It is in my interests that you sit in Yaroslav's chair.
What is in it for you?
Then you'll help me to sit in your chair.
Are you sure?
You'll need your own people.
And you're my man, aren't you?
- As long as you're in power, I am. - I see.
Stop by this shop, I'll buy an iron at last.
Don't be long, we'll be late for the movie.
I'll be right back.
I'm tired. Too bad my mother didn't live to see this day.
Lyonya, this is my present to you.
I bought this tie in Paris and saved it specially for this occasion.
Oh, Lena dear.
Thank you. I'm very glad we're together again.
We're having a difficult period now.
But I'll try to do my best.
Everything will be all right.
Being a wife is a difficult profession.
I'm so guilty, so guilty before you.
Well, thousands of men live with wives they don't love.
And it's all right.
They're happy.
Don't push.
So he hasn't show up for a whole month?
He's risen so high as to get a black Volga and a personal secretary.
And all this because he's sold you. Otherwise he wouldn't have got this.
At least he didn't sell me cheap.
Dear Leonid Semyonovich, my sincere congratulations.
- Congratulations on your 1st workday. - Thank you.
- Good luck! - Thank you very much.
- Congratulations! - Hello. Thank you very much.
Congratulations, Leonid Semyonovich.
- To you too, Alexei Akimovich. - Thank you for your trust.
I hope that at your new post
you'll surpass your, so to speak, predecessor.
I'll be doing my best.
- We're happy for you. - And for ourselves, too.
Congratulations on your first working day. There's...
Excuse me for coming in your office without permission.
I came early to be able to leave before you arrive.
I forgot a photo of my daughter and grandson.
Come on, Yaroslav Stepanovich, come whenever you feel like it.
Don't worry, I won't feel like it.
How's your grandson doing at school?
Working hard on foreign languages. He's doing all right.
Good for him, the future diplomat must know foreign languages.
I'll tell him that you think so.
Fyodor Demyanovich's on the line.
Hello? How are you, Fyodor Demyanovich?
Thank you for your congratulations. I'm very touched.
Oh, it's a truly royal present!
Thank you very much, Fyodor Demyanovich.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Comrades, you won't believe it.
I've persuaded them to resume the construction of our new building!
- Amazing! - Incredible!
How do you manage to succeed in everything?
Call in my driver. Let him take Yaroslav Stepanovich home.
Don't bother, I can walk. I'm still hale and hearty.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Tatiana Georgievna, this must be fixed.
Not only the clock stopped here, the time stopped here, too.
We'll do it.
- I'm not going to sign this. - I won't work here anyway.
I know why you're leaving.
You may sign it or not,
but I'm not staying in this building another minute.
And I'm asking myself, comrades: have we done everything
for the free time of our citizens not to be free?
And I'm answering myself: no, not everything at all.
We're living in a new era that demands from us large-scale thinking.
And the trouble with our art is in the fact...
- Whose trouble? - Of our art.
All right, comrades.
I don't want to make the Tambov Chorus run around the country anymore.
I want to do real, human work.
Let people dance, sing, paint and play whatever they like.
I don't want to do it anymore, because it's idiotism!
Leonid Semyonovich, how can we do idiotism without a chief?
Lyusia, I'd like to ask you: what are you guarding here, what secrets?
Why don't you become a traffic controller? It'll be much more use.
Can you imagine how many people around our country
are just wasting their lives, issuing passes,
guarding the void...
What are you standing here for?
For... not letting outsiders in.
I'm sorry, Lyusia, but our people can't be outsiders.
Only we can be outsiders.
It's good that you came.
- Did you buy a good iron? - Yes, a good one.
I wanted to bring something for dinner, but I got no money, just some change.
My fridge is empty. My pocketbook, too.
I can fry potatoes.
There's no oil.
We can boil the potatoes.
I'm out of sour cream, too.
We've already played that game.
I've just quit my job.
For good.
For you.
For me?
Get out of here! Now! I beg you, go away! Please!
Lida, forgive me! I love you! I can't live without you!
Forgive me...
I can't live without you.
I have 5 rubles somewhere,
which you paid me for washing dishes.
I kept it as a souvenir.
You know, let's have a feast on it.
All right. Go to the shop.
Buy sour cream, oil, milk and a bottle of buttermilk.
I'll drop at a vegetable store too and buy pickles there.
All right. It's a very good idea.
You know how I love potatoes with pickles.
Oh, God...
So the trouble with our art is in the fact
that it's always been regulated, and often by ignorant people.
In this connection, I'd like to tell you an Oriental parable.
If you squeeze a singing bird in your hand,
it will, naturally, suffocate.
If you loosen your grip, it will flutter and break free.
But if... you open up your hand,
it won't feel like flying away, it...
it will... it will sing, and that's the moral.
Are you all right?
Leonid Semyonovich!
Open the window! Nitroglycerin!
Pass the water!
Hello? Hello? The clinic? Leonid Semyonovich doesn't feel well!
The doctor's out for lunch, and the nurse quit the job.
Quit...? quit... quit...
Lida! Lida! Lida! Lida! Call Lida!
Get ready for resuscitation. Everybody out.
Hurry up.
- Intracardiac. - Go ahead.
Prepare the defibrillator.
- Did they come to him? - Yes, they're in his office.
Ready? Discharge.
They really couldn't save you, sonny?
What a misfortune that it happened so early.
Mamma, I...
Have I died?
Dad. Answer me.
I want to hug you so much, but I can't.
Why not?
Because we don't exist.
So I don't exist, too?
No, neither you, nor I, nor they do exist.
And who... are they?
They're in line forjudgment.
Last Judgment.
Before the judgment you're allowed to see your relatives and close ones.
It's sad, Lyonya, that you've forgotten us.
You haven't been at our graves for two years.
You've missed my birthday and the day of my death.
You've forgotten your father's days, too.
Let me in! Let me see him!
Lyonya! Lyonya, darling! What?
No... No, I... I don't want him to die!
I don't want him to die! Lyonya!
I beg you, go away from here! Go away!
Lyonya dear! Lyonya, don't die! Don't die, my darling!
Lyonya, darling, only don't die!
Don't die, please! I beg you, don't die!
I love you! I love you!
Oh, God! Oh, God, do something!
Don't die! My darling!
My love! My only one, Lyonya!
Lyonya... My Lyonya... my love...
I'm here, I'm here, I'm with you, my darling.
I'll be right back.
Hurry! Help him!
Help him! Hurry! I beg you, hurry!
Tones are in. Pulse is in. He's alive. Intravenous drip.
Blood pressure sixty to twenty.
- What's on the cardiograph? - Sinusoidal rhythm.
Intravenous drip ready.
He's breathing on his own. He's coming to.
The End