Driving Sports Reports - Extra! 2010 Subaru STI Special Edition Preview

Uploaded by drivingsports on 24.11.2009

This just in: Subaru has announced a new Special Edition STI for 2010. More, right after this.
That’s right, only two years after unleashing an all-new STI hatchback on the
American population, Subaru has already taken it to the next level with a Limited Edition
that finally pays homage to its slippery shape.
Yes, it’s white. Like an egg. Get it?
Subaru calls it Aspen White, to be exact.
More than just a paint job, this 2010 special-edition STI takes suspension off the Japanese STI
Spec C – which means it’s a lot stiffer: 16% stiffer springs in the front,
29% in the rear -- to be exact. The stabilizer bar also gets an extra mm thickness, and the
sub-frame bushings get some extra lovin.
And those shoes? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. The JDM-sourced
18 x 8.5-inch wheels are shod with Dunlop SP600 245/40R18 tires for some good looking
Targeting the enthusiast market, Subaru actually de-contented this model. The Special STI is
all handling performance: Case-in-point… HID’s are replaced by halogens and
it only gets a single-disc CD player and manual aircon. Why not thumpin’ Harman Kardan
stereo? Because this is a Subaru for enthusiasts, not boulevard wankers. Nothing prevents you
from dropping a dime on an aftermarket stereo if you are so inclined.
Power output remains a claimed 305-hp and 290 ft-lbs of torque, which is still respectibe.
The turbo-charged boxer powers the same DCCD-controlled all-wheel-drive system from the basic STI,
as are the Brembo brakes and stability control systems.
If you want one of these in the exclusive Aspen White, better hurry, Subaru has only
slated the first 125 to get the Aspen treatment along with the special JDM Spec C 14-spoke
wheels. Those will be shipped Spring of 2010. After that, this Special Edition STI will
join the showroom lineup -- but in standard STI hues and wheels.
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