Correct Page Order of a Magazine (Adobe InDesign)

Uploaded by oswaldcameron on Jun 15, 2011

Hey guys. In my last video I hypothetically designed a twelve page magazine
I got some great feedback from someone named Citizenzen in the MacRumors Forum
It's a great forum. I recommend you check it out.
Anyway, his suggestion was that instead
of designing with the magazine cover being Page 1
and the back cover being Page 12
that I should in fact do this:
Leave the first page blank then the second page would be the back cover and the third page would
be the front cover. And I understand what he's thinking because
let me show you a magazine. This being GQ
the front cover and back cover is printed on one leaf and folded
So as you can see
he's correct: the front cover should be
on the right and the back cover should be on the left
But that is now how we design and the reason why that is
is once you have a 120 page book I don't know how many pages
GQ issue is? It's like....
130 Pages.
The reason why that doesn't make sense is because
let me show you. I created a little mockup
Front cover, back cover, when you open it you get Page 2 and 3
But its actually printed Page 2 and Page 11
And you when you get Page 4 and Page 5 it's actually printed Page 4 and Page 9
So you can see its printed out of order, almost like a symmetrical mirror
being folded onto itself
and it makes no sense the way its printed in the mind of the designer
We actually have to design with Page 1, 2, 3 and so on...
because we have large books to design.
But to address Citizenzen's concern, when we send it to the printer
they change the order, or we change the order if we want, and let me show you how to do that.
Back to my original document
As you can see the front cover is
but when I go to File > Print Booklet
and click Preview you'll see that InDesign automatically
rearranges the order to print
so lets flip through it. It's Page 2
Page 11...Page 10 and Page 3
Page 4 and 9 and so on
and this is the direct middle of the book.
Back to the edge of the book. Back cover, front cover.
So as you can see: front cover, back cover
He's correct in his rationale but that is not how designers design.
So just wanted to quickly show you
why what I was showing you was not necessarily a mistake but you do want to keep it in mind
if you're a printer or when you're sending it to the printer.
Thanks again Citizenzen for your feedback and I hope you guys write in
with more things you want to see done.