Squaresville - Ep. 3 MALLSCAPADE (MK Wiles, Kylie Sparks, & Christine Weatherup)

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An interactive board game and
DVD experience for American teenage girls.
Ages 10 and up.
'Sup ladies.
You excited to go to prom this year?
That's Dillon, he's going to be prom king this year.
Are we seriously

playing this?
I'm telling you, Eurekoya has never made a bad game. But this
is so girly.
That's just branding.
The game mechanics are all there.
I can't believe you've
been sitting on a mint copy of Mallscapade all this time.
Yeah, crazy I never opened it.
Okay, so those are the Otaku twins.
Oh boy, I want to go to be crowned king of the local school's dance.
Oh no twin brother, it is I who will be crowned.
That kind of reminds me of you, Percy.
Open your minds, these
game mechanics inspired RPGs for the next 20 years.
For instance. Two. One, two. I just got a new pair of boots.
That adds two outfit points to my character,
which means I am too cool for the Otaku

twins to talk to for the moment.
Drats, she's too pretty for me to talk to.
I'm nervous and embarassed.
Back to our lab, brother!
It's like I'm fending off Orcs.
These boots are like. A mythril armored breastplate?
Okay, let's play.
You got one detention.
One, two.
Hey, mom said to keep it down.
Okay, sorry.
And Percy, nice bow.
She isn't going
to say anything, so don't worry about it.
She's right.
I feel ridiculous, look at me I'm wearing sticker pimples and have a bow in my hair.
You make a bow work!
So, you ladies have been dilly-dallying.
Well I hope your time in town hasn't kept you from your studies.
All students who are at the
mall, report to the dorm for
a surprise mandatory study session.
Blast it!
Well, it is true.
You don't spend enough time studying.
No, you don't understand.
That means Percy and I are timed out for the next two turns.
There's no way we
can make it to the mall and back on time.
Esther, you're the only one who can be prom queen now.
No, you know what, Percy, you go for it.
No, you know my outfit
isn't good enough?
I don't even have a decent pair of heels.
Maybe we should just pack it up.
I mean, I have stuff I have have to do at home and I. Esther, wait.
We need you to win this game for us.
We've made it so far.
I have played it before.
I've played this game before at Sally Winger's birthday.
I just moved to the neighborhood, I
was new, I didn't know you guys yet.
She's so rich. Pretty, popular.
Yeah, she was trying me out and seeing if I was worthy of her friendship.
I lost it for
everybody when I didn't have the fashion sense to match my necklace with my corsage.
We went to bed angry and when
I woke up, somehow there was a
chewed up Now & Later stuck on my hair.
I had to wear a hat
the entire summer 'til my bangs grow back.
Esther, we're not gonna stick a Now & Later in your hair.
I just got a flirty text from Dillon.
Dillon is captain of the football team.
If you go out with him, you'll be Prom Queen for sure.
What should I do.
Flirt back!
Okay, I'm sorry, I'm not used to meat-heads courting me.
It says, "Lol.
Do you want to go to prom?
Text yes or no to the screen."
I can't believe we're
actually about to be mall skipping.
So text yes already!
I can't wait to
see the final scene.
Dillon's gonna be prom king for sure.
He is the goal of the game.
Who is this Dillon really?
Some jerk?
It's just a game, Percy.
I mean we don't think that guy is the ideal male.
He's clearly 28, for starters.
And if we don't text him back, we're gonna get stuck with the Otuka twins.
You're right.
Hey, hey.
What? Why did you do that?
Dillon may be the freshest guy
on campus, but I don't think he's all that great.
But Percy, you wanted to beat this game so badly.
No, I just wanted to play it
with friends who wouldn't judge me.
Besides, the Otuka twins aren't so bad.
They are people. Pretty sweet, right?
Be sure and check out
the behind the scenes video to learn all about the inspiration for Mallscapade.
That's the next essential metaphor for the meaning of life, right?
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