SAR Tech Tip #4 - The Tech Behind the Association

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James Baud
Oh hello!
I'm Daniel Allen with the Sacramento Association of REALTORS and I am in studio with Sam Mosher to give you some of the Tech behind
the Association. Now Sam I noticed that you brought a couple of items for us today, would you like to give us a
brief demo about them? Sure Dan, I would absolutely love to.
so yes it is true that we have a number of new piece of technology here at SAR
and our intentions
are very very simple
we just want to enhance the experience that our Members have here at the Association
One of the ways that we are able to do that Dan is with this
piece of technology right here. To the untrained eye this might just look like a normal iPod Touch
but if you visited an Apple retail store lately and you've purchased anything you know that their
cashiers just whip out what appear to be seemingly normal iPod Touches from their pocket
and then they were able to scan your products barcode, swipe your credit card, email you a
receipt and send you out the door
you don't have to go to any sort of cash register, you don't have to wait in the line
nothing like that. It's very fast and it's very efficient. Well here at SAR we've been very fortunate
to get the same exact technology that Apple uses in their retail store. It's with this little
sleeve that fits over the iPod Touch and it's called a Linea Pro
that allows us to do things such as scan barcodes
and also swipe credit cards along the back here and we plan on using this to do
things such as Member checkins for our main meeting our educational offerings and
events of that nature, that way we can tell who's going to what event and by
doing that we might be able to tailor our offerings here at the Association
Thanks Sam that sounds like another great Member benefit and a green one as well
I noticed that you brought a couple other items into the studio with you
Would you care to talk about them?
Sure Dan I'd love to.
So indeed we do have even more technology that we are employing here at SAR to make things
better for our Members
as you may have seen a couple of our past Main Meetings,
the Ghoulish Golf Tournament for Masters Club and
the bowling in the 80s Tournament for YPC
us at SAR have been using these fancy iPads to accept your credit cards for things such as raffle
tickets event registration and classroom fees
the iPads allow us to be a little bit more mobile than the iPod Touches and the Linea Pros because
the iPads are able to connect
to the cellular data network this allows us to take them to very remote locations and
still be able to process your credit cards in a secure and fast manner
as you know in the past we've had those bulky credit card swipers were we'd have to
get the slips out, we would have to run through your credit card, we'd have your full number
on there and things like that. So not too secure when you think about it by
today's standards so we went out and we got these. And this allows us with this little device
here at the bottom of the iPad called the airpoint card reader
allows us to very quickly, efficiently and securely swipe your credit card you get your
card back we don't hold onto your numbers we get the instant approval
the money is transferred and were done
so another a big thing that we want to do at the association was improve our audio/video
before we had equipment like this equipment here
this is our old mixer
which basically we could hook up five microphones and that was it
not a lot of control, can't control the volume and can't mute people individually so we've actually gone
to great lengths to improve our equipment we actually have a new mixer and we've also gone
HD with our cameras
so with our new mixer, this guy right here we can actually have up to fifteen different inputs
we can control the volume of each input individually
we can also mute people individually as well
the other nice benefit over the previous one is we have a lot more options of what we can hook up to it
before it was just the XLR cables the big thick cables just plug right in
in this gives us a lot more inputs so we can actually hook up and iPhone, iPad, iPod
so really great new equipment we have here
we also have an HD camera, we actually have two of these which were using the filming of the
current Tech Tip that you're watching right now
the other biggest improvement we've done is the tripod
we actually refer to this as Mega-Pod
at it's lowest height here, was the highest height of our old tripod
this tripod is actually able to go over seven feet tall
so we could actually have people walk in front of it without having them walk in front
of the camera itself
so we've actually made quite a few improvements to our AV technology and I'm
more than happy to share it with you
I'm Daniel Allen and I want to thank my guests Sam Mosher for joining me in SAR studio here
to bring you this month's Tech Tip
thanks very much for having me today Dan, I do appreciate it
and to our viewers watching this video right now please stay tuned for next month when
SAR studios brings you December's Tech Tip
which they will be discussing membership dues billing
definitely must see TV
thanks for joining us and have a wonderful day
thanks again