The Mole S10E9 - Wie is de Mol 2010 in Japan [English] - Episode 9

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Nice, this way we get around a bit. - Yes.
This road runs diagonally.
We'll end up at the right side.
That's where Pieter Jan is.
You're well within the distance and as well as within the time limit.
Finally! - You're earning well this evening.
Sanne, that's right!
So you've got it!
Don't tell them I did this.
I typed your name, Erik.
I already thought so.
Kim, Frits and Sanne are the tough survivors in the 10th series of 'Who is the Mole?'.
They are the finalists. Among them is the Mole, that's for sure.
But not even the Mole knows how it will all go down here in Tokyo.
Who will be the runner-up?
And who will be the winner who unmasks the Mole?
That's the big question, even for the Mole.
At the last execution Erik got the red screen and had to leave us.
I already thought so.
Too bad pal. - Well done.
I have to say I got somewhat emotional which I didn't expect to be.
Good luck, give it your best shot! - I will.
Because I had an exemption and Frits got a green screen..
..I knew Erik would get a red screen.
That is pretty intense.
We shared everything, which was quite pleasant for me.
Maybe he regrets doing so now, because you've made it to the finals.
It has brought us this far together.
Right up to the end he kept me guessing whether he was the Mole or not.
I thought he wasn't the Mole.
But whenever I asked him to his face, he gave me one of his sneaky grins.
'Frits, it's a game and it should be played'.
Now there are just three of us: Frits, Sanne and me.
We have to find our bearings again.
To be honest I was expecting Frits to go.
But I was worried about my own position too.
I had two jokers though.
Who do you think is the Mole?
Since this last week I think Sanne is the Mole.
If she is, she's a very good one ... - Yes.
Because then she wrapped everyone around her finger from the beginning.
She's getting more and more bossy.
She's laying down the law and she's involved in everything.
But it's really just based on that.
I don't think so.
It is also based on the letter she got at Schiphol. - That's true.
The fact that she got it first, which I found very suspicious. - Yes.
As well as that little 'chat' that she had with you.
You're the only one I trust. I want to be your friend.
But I know you don't quite trust me yet.
So I thought we could exchange information.
So who do you think it is?
After seeing the episodes at home, I thought it was Erik for a long time.
I just started noticing some things about him.
It was as good as thrown into his hands.
But at some point a Mole-ish thing started happening.
For a long time you don't think someone's suspicious, until things just go too well..
That's what I noticed about Frits a lot.
At one point I noticed that he just deliberately failed at some challenges.
That happened in Holland Village too.
Frits deliberately chose to be the last person in the game. That's sabotage by the Mole.
Everyone has been talking about it.
But nobody was truly aware of it, and put it together.
I think Sanne is the winner.
I think Frits is the Mole, and Kim will be the loser.
I was a bit of a duo with Kim.
How many did you take for each other?
I looked her straight into the eyes.
If it's her, I have lost my faith in humanity.
I looked her straight in the eye and I thought: I can trust you.
As for Sanne and Frits ...
Erik and Frits were among my main suspects from the beginning.
Erik moreso than Frits.
Frits would be the ultimate Mole. - Right.
Because he comes across as honest and sincere.
A little friendly, sometimes even a bit boring.
If he's the Mole though, meanwhile..
It's so weird that I've suddenly made it to the finals.
I had never, ever expected that.
I want to win this so badly.
It will be the icing on the cake of these ten episodes, if I get to win that pot.
I feel that it's possible.
That's quite special.
You see one after another leave before you do.
The group is getting smaller.
Suddenly we're in the finals, it will be an intense fight.
We were each given one minute to ask each other some questions.
Sanne, when you were asked for 'Who is the Mole?' did you consider..
..whether you preferred to be the Mole or a contestant?
What were your first thoughts? - A contestant. - Why?
Because it seemed too difficult for me to be the Mole.
Why would that be difficult for you?
Because I wear my heart on my sleeve.
That sounded truthful to me, so I thought it was right.
Are you someone who reacts emotionally? - Sometimes.
Or rationally too? - Both.
Would you be afraid of slipping up as the Mole?
Because of your character?
Why didn't you want to be the Mole? - I just didn't.
It seemed fun to me to be a contestant.
But you just said something else?
Yes, but that's just who I am. I say different things all the time.
That is not very useful for a Mole. - No.
Do you like to being a contestant? - Yes.
Why? - It's nice and easy.
Sometimes it seems like you're sabotaging. - No.
No, I never sabotaged.
You never sabotaged? - No.
This is Pieter Jan.
I want the smartest of you come and join me.
Oh dear. It depends on the subject. - Yes.
That's the problem. You're very skilled in practical things.
The smartest.
I think I was quite smart solving the puzzle quickly and assembling the stretcher.
But I'm smart in other things. - I think Sanne ...
You think Sanne is smarter?
She turned out to be quite clever in a lot of challenges.
Yes, but not so 'clever' in others too..
We were standing on a beach on with a lot of letters.
The ten names of all the contestants had been written on the beach.
Barbara, Hind, Sanne, Kim, Loretta..
...Manuel, Frits, Tim, Erik and Arjen.
That was the order in which they were written.
We had to do something with that but Sanne is dyslexic.
I thought: for a practical challenge it's fine, otherwise I don't know.
My vote goes to Sanne. - Mine too.
Majority rules.
I thought this was a great distribution.
The ladies went along with it nicely.
My tactic was to pull these two ladies apart.
Because that's a couple just like I was with Erik.
I think they share a lot of information with each other.
It's going to be hard for me in the finals.
Hi Sanne. Here's a pair of binoculars and a walkie-talkie.
I have a few questions for you.
If you know the answer, you may tell your fellow contestants.
Including a message too.
The first question.
What was the name of the Dutch trading post in Nagasaki, until 1859?
I don't know.
I have been asked a question and I don't know the answer.
What is the name of the Dutch trading post in Nagasaki ...
..until a certain time which I already forgot.
What's the name of a certain trading post in Nagasaki? - A trading post..
Didn't someone go there in the game with that tram?
The Dejima museum.
That garden.
Hollander Slope.
Shall I just say it's Dutch Slope, so at least we have an answer?
No, that seems unlikely.
I want an answer now.
I have to give an answer now. - Tell him it's the VOC.
Dutch Slope. - Ok.
You can tell the others they have to erase all letters up to the 'D' of 'Dutch Slope'.
You guys have to erase all letters up to and including the 'D' of Dutch Slope.
So we could wipe out 'Barbara' completely.
Pity that it was such a long name at the beginning.
Then it said 'Hind', so we could erase the H, the I and the N as well.
I'm going to use my feet.
Frits is very precise.
He was using a shovel to do it.
I took off my shoes and did it with my feet.
That's a bit quicker.
We had to erase it before we got the next question.
Do you find it hard to lie, Frits?
Being the person that I am, I find it very difficult to lie.
It's a nice experience, though.
Do you enjoy lying?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
When didn't you like lying?
I would have to check when I lied, which was quite often.
I had a difficult moment in the woods.
Do you want to go or shall I? - You're going.
Are you sure? - Yes.
What if we confuse them a bit?
That's possible too.
You go first. - Yes, ok.
To whom did you tell the biggest lie then? - To the whole group.
Who do you think is the Mole?
That's for me to know and for you to wonder.
Which tower is nine meters lower than its replica in Tokyo?
The Eiffel Tower.
Now you have to keep sweeping until you get to the first E. - Geez!
We had 'Barbara', then 'Hind'. We had left the D.
Then came Sanne. 'Sann' had to be wiped out of my name.
We left the E standing.
I suppose the remaining letters will make a word.
We're clearing your name now up to the last 'N'.
Is lying hard for you?
No, lying isn't very hard for me.
Do you find it hard to lie to me? - No.
If I need to, I'll lie to you too.
Do you like lying to me? - Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.
Do you think that lying is the same as acting?
The next question, Sanne.
What's the typically Japanese book called that Arjen bought in episode 1?
In episode 1, he bought a kind of comic book.
Guys, what's a typically Japanese book called? - Do you know?
A typically Japanese comic book.
Tanga. - I don't know, Frits says it's called 'tanga'.
I have no idea, but I thought that a 'tanga' was a kind of thong.
But I didn't know either.
So let's go with 'tanga'.
You'll have to leave the first T you come across standing, in that case. - Ok.
What? - We have to sweep up to the T.
Are you the Mole?
Am I the Mole?
Could be.
Manga. Sorry, it's 'manga'.
I think it's 'manga'.
I have heard about that. A tanga is something else.
Then we'll end up getting 'the Mole'.
How sad that we're earasing my name now.
Yes but the M of 'Mole' still remains of your name, which is interesting..
How do you like the game so far, Sanne?
I think it's very nice. I didn't always enjoy it, but I do now.
What do you think is hard about it?
You don't think it's hard to play the Mole? - No.
Which Japanese art isn't practiced by the Samurai?
I would like the Japanese name of it please.
What didn't the Samurai do?
Calligraphy, florestry, origami.
Origami: the art of folding paper folding.
The 'O'.
Do you think it's really important to earn money?
I get the idea that you're not really keeping track of it, right?
That's right.
I never thought I could actually earn the money.
It's just now that I am thinking of this possibility so I would really like to.
Or could it be you don't care about it because you're the Mole.
So you can't win it anyway?
Could be, yes.
D-E (The) ... 'Demo'.
You're going from Tokyo to ...?
From here to Lisse.
Yes, Lisse.
So we have to keep 'L'. - Ok.
Are you really that fickle?
Does that characteristic bother you? - No.
It has brought me this far.
She uses the fact that she's so unpredictable.
I'm sure she's a little chaotic, but I've stopped buying it a long time ago.
It's just all a big charade.
I think it's a good characteristic to have for this game. - So do I.
But I've had my doubts whether it is such a good trait during this game.
Maybe you doubted whether or not you should use it in the game.
I can't switch it on or off on command.
But you're a very good actress, right? - Yes.
During which Japanese ceremony are having a conversation about the art of painting ...
...and overlooking the garden of great importance?
'Enjoying a garden'.
The tea ceremony. - Ok, so the 'T'.
Keep the first 'T' you come across, and wipe out the rest.
Ok, we're still working on getting to the 'L' though.
It's quite hard.
Why do you always react so secondarily when we earn no money?
Do you think I react secondarily? - Yes.
I don't think so.
After a challenge I'm always thinking straight away: What went wrong?
What should we have done differently?
I'm someone who tries to learn immediately from the mistakes that were made.
I've never seen you feeling angry or frustrated.
I saw a lot of people getting angry.
Erik responded fiercely and Arjen was annoyed too when we didn't earn any money.
You always responded after all the others did.
I don't agree.
Maybe that's just your perception.
I may not be very expressive in the sense of: Bummer, we didn't get the money.
Sure I'm annoyed about it.
But then I think: What went wrong and who caused it?
For I'm also trying to find the Mole.
What should I be looking for, what could we improve on?
That's typical behavior of Mole though: calculating.
Not showing your emotions in that exact moment.
If we lose out on another €2000,- or €3000,- , any contestant is just bummed out.
It always shows, even for just a fraction of a second.
Kim starts analyzing all that's happened straight away.
No Kim, we're not buying that.
Guys, what is the traditional stew of Sendai called?
That's what they prepared for us in those little houses there.
Wow, cool!
I have no idea nor does Frits. - I just know it was a stew.
Let's say 'suyuki'. - Let's just go for that.
Wait a minute. We now have: the Mole. Then we have a 'T'.
'TS' , no that's wrong.
A Japanese word could start with 'TS' though.
'Yes, maybe it's a Japanese word'... Of course not!
'The Mole' and then a Japanese word.. It had to be a Dutch word of course.
I would go with 'T-I', they are near.
So we get rid of just two letters: the 'S' and the 'T'.
You made friends with Erik quite quickly.
Did that friendship bring you a lot?
In retrospect yes it has, because he wasn't the Mole.
But I've often thought: Was this really a smart move?
I assume you both shared information.
Did you adopt any of his ideas?
As I already told you, we exchanged theories.
In this game you're constantly forming theories.
When someone does something, you can think it's because they're the Mole.
You could also come up with reasons why it's a contestant acting like the Mole.
That's how we talked to each other.
We drew our own conclusions though.
We each went into the test individually, with our own conclusions.
Do you think it's strange if I don't believe that? - No I don't.
But I'm telling you the truth.
What is the translation in English, as you were told in the cinema ...
*Everybody, let's rock!*
...of the word 'Karaoke'?
Something about an orchestra.
Music Orchestra. - Yes,something about an orchestra.
Empty Orchestra. - Yes. Empty, indeed.
Guys, keep the 'E'.
What about the letter in between?
From that stew?
Maybe we should delete the 'S' and leave the 'I' too.
I agree. 'TSI' .. Ok so it's 'The Mole Tsi'.
'The Mole Tsie'.
'De Mol tie' ... ('The Mole te..')
Let's wipe out the 'S'.
Yes, get rid of the 'S'.
Are we sure?
TSI ... TSE ...That's not a word is it? - Maybe..
It's going to be 'De Mol Tien' (The Mole Ten).
You've made it to the finals.
Erik didn't.
If you hadn't made friends with Erik...
.. would you have still made it to the finals?
Yes. You'll see in episode 10.
Frits, are you a good Mole?
That's up to you guys to judge.
What do you think yourself? - I'm quite satisfied.
Do you think Sanne is the Mole?
I don't know.
Do you think I am the Mole?
I don't know.
You don't know or you don't want to answer?
Maybe I'm the Mole.
This is no time for me to get tunnel vision.
I should take into consideration that it could be Frits.
But I'm sorry Frits, I just don't believe you.
I still think I'm going to vote for Sanne.
What mystical Japanese warrior are you about to battle soon?
We're think it's either Samurai or Ninjas.
Samurai are ... - Yes, Ninjas.
If we choose 'ninjas', we end up with 'The Mole Ten'.
It's the tenth of the series of the Mole.
So shall we just go for the 'N'?
Sanne didn't answer a single question.
She was standing there, supposedly being the 'smartest'.
So I realized I shouldn't have let her talk me into it.
Either Frits or I should have been standing there.
I'm going to give the answer now.
'The Mole Ten'. - Are you sure? Yes.
All in all the right solution.
'De Mol Tien'.
This challenge was worth €2000,-
Thank you very much. - There you go.
I think the pot now contains €15.900,-
We still have that question whether Karel van de Graaf was right or not.
'Frits Sissing is the Mole'.
If that's true, you'll lose €3000,- from the pot.
You won't know that until episode10 though.
If it's not true, €3000,- will be added to the pot.
So how much should there be? €15.900,-
Is it all there? - Yes.
How much is added if you're not the Mole? €3000,-
Otherwise €3000,- will be taken from the pot.
In that case the pot would be really tiny.
So it might turn out to be €18.900,-
That would be good, right?
Well it would be nice to make it €20.000,-
It starts getting interesting from €20.000,- on.
If I'm the Mole, you won't make it.
I've become friends with Sanne.
I think that will be to my advantage later on in the test.
I know certain things about Sanne.
Things she told me especially during the first half of the program.
When she pretended she didn't get everything..
..I was able to wheedle her into telling me stuff.
Now she's more alert and won't just give up information like that.
But I'm sure I know more about Sanne than Frits does.
So I think I will benefit from that in the test. I assume so anyway.
There's a lot of money to be found on this island.
You can earn €5000,- in this last challenge before the finals.
You'll be looking for that money soon, when it's turned dark.
You'll take it to the treasure chest in the woods.
That's where it will be kept.
Beware though, because there are ninjas: Highly trained warriors.
They'll stop at nothing to cuff you and rob you of your booty.
We all got to wear a laser suit with a laser gun.
The ninjas were wearing those too.
We could shoot them and eliminate them from the game.
But if a contestant got shot, he or she was eliminated from the game too.
So we would have one contestant less.
The ninjas couldn't actually shoot us, they could only tap us.
Then we'd be tied up and had to wait till another contestant would free us.
Don't shoot if you can't see anyone yet.
He's not close enough yet by far. - I can't see anything.
Shall we go up those stairs? - Where are those lights?
Guys, I think this is frigging scary.
At first we chose to stick together, all three of us.
We were getting used to the dark and those guys storming at us.
You have to keep your finger on the button.
It's dark and you see all those dark figures running around.
It felt very ominous.
Someone is coming..
I was just really scared because I thought we didn't stand a chance.
I can see a light guys, down there.
There were 14 lanterns under which the money was.
If they were lit up, we could go there. That's where was money was hidden.
That we had to take it and bring it back to the pot in the woods.
That money was only hidden under the lantern when it was lit.
Have you got it? - Yes. Here's one!
Let's try to keep standing with out backs against each other.
Shall I stay over here?
So you guys can return to the pot?
Yes, it's in! Back into the field.
How much was it? €1000,-. - Great!
Have you checked whether there's another lantern that's been lit?
Let's do this together, smart move. - Yes, I can see a light.
The light is blinding me.
I'm keeping this one.
He's coming from over there. Did you see him?
I hope that €1000,- hasn't been stolen!
Is it all still there? - No it's gone.
It's been stolen Frits. - Has it been stolen already?
That's not fair.
We hadn't really thought it through.
Because as soon as we abandoned the pot, the ninjas could steal the money.
Those ninjas looted our first €1000,- ..
So we had to split up.
One person guarded the pot.
Two went on the hunt for money.
Sanne, do you want to stay behind or come along? - I prefer coming along.
Let's take turns. - Ok.
I'm scared though.. I can see another light. - Where? - Over there.
Is that you? - No, we're in the field.
That's a ninja. - Where? - To your left!
Oh this is scary.
Help! Help me, guys!
Yes, I've killed one!
Help me guys!
Yes, there's one over there. Shoot!
Oh, my god.
I have killed one. - Good job.
Look what's on the left.
Didn't you get caught? - No.
Has the pot been opened? Keep an eye on it!
There was another one over there, but I did kill one.
Did you put something into the pot? - Yes, €250,-
Should I stay here for now?
We had to make sure one person was guarding the pot.
We took turns, but Sanne was very scared doing that.
In the beginning I was scared too, because it was so dark.
There goes another one! - Where, above us?
We need to look behind us too.
To the right here.
There's one coming over there! - Where?
He went across the lawn into the woods and then turned left.
Guys, come on. Where are you?
Yes, there's one running over there.
One of them is heading your way, from the left from where we stand.
Will you be back?
There is a lantern lit over there, in the middle of the field.
I'll take the left because you're on the right.
€1000,- Let's get back!
We're coming.
Did you find anything? - Yes, €1000,-
Be careful!
Frits will you stay here this time? - Yes.
Guys, if we stay here too long they'll come towards us across the open field.
Come on, Sanne. There's a lantern on the right. - Yes.
He's in the field so we have to get over there.
Kim, let's head this way into the darkness.
Frits, there's one coming your way.
Ok can you give me cover? - Yes.
I see a lantern that's been lit! - So do I.
There's a ninja, though.
How can that be, I'm shooting at it. How can this be?
Return, return.
I'm dead.
How can you be dead?!
I was really bummed out that I had been killed.
It sucks that I can't finish the last challenge because Frits accidentally shot me.
I didn't realize I had actually shot Sanne.
I was wrapped up in firing at this ninja in some bushes.
I'll stay with the pot.
Sure? Yes. - Ok
Has another lantern been lit yet? - Yes.
Kill him!
Good job! There's another one!
The money is gone. How could that happen?
I don't know. I think he stole it.
Frits? - Yes.
Shall I go up the stairs to see if there are more lanterns?
Yes, ok. You'll be safe on the stairs.
Because there aren't any lights out here anymore.
Crap! Did you shoot him? - No.
Frits, I'm tied up.
I can hear you.
Can you come to release me?
Well, in that case we would be abandoning the pot..
Yes, well that's a risk we'll have to take.
Kim called out to me that I should come to rescue her.
That way she was back in the game again.
But there was already more than €2500,- in that pot.
We had aleady let the ninjas steal €1000,-
What should I do? If I come to you one of those beasts will loot the pot.
Then the game's locked in stalemate.
There's almost €3000,- in that pot, you know.
I can see another lantern. - Where?
Not on my side, but on the opposite side in a corner.
It's just as far away as you are so I might as well free you then.
Crap, there are two lanterns burning on that side now.
Frits, I can see there's one very close to you now.
Is there money underneath it? - No.
Yes, he's been killed.
Killed another one.
So I see, great job!
And another one's dead.
Nice going!
So set me free too!
You're halfway there, so set me free too!
I went for the money.
I kept guarding the pot.
I shot about four ninjas who were attacking the pot.
So we completed this challenge earning €3050,-
I'm sorry, I went for the money.
Good job! Yeah, it was just boring out there for me.
And I just saw all lanterns being lit again.
€2050,- and another €1000,-
Great man! You did a great job, Frits!
So we earned another sweet €3000,- for the pot.
I'm really glad about that. - Man, that was intense!
I was really bummed out, though.
How they came running at you was scary too.
They were really dashing towards you.
Hoping that we would shoot and miss.
It was quite difficult to hit them.
Frits, if you turn out to be the Mole after all...
You're going to have heavy duty ninja nightmares, you don't want to know..
I'm sure that Kim is the Mole.
Frits has done some strange things, some sabotages.
But I'm not going to question this anymore now.
Of course not.
It's either Kim or Frits so I'm going for Kim.
If Sanne is the Mole, she has played it very well.
Which is really clever, but I caught onto her.
She started out as someone who was very insecure.
She got very carried away by her emotions.
She was quite fickle in the game.
It turns out Sanne has several faces.
She can play the innocent, somewhat naive girl.
She can play the smart Girl Scout who's going all out.
So that's why I'm hesitating and feeling somewhat confused.
Yet again I'm back to two Moles now.
Frits defended the treasure chest against the ninjas to the death.
So he earned €3000,- for the pot at the last minute.
It's now almost at €19.000,-
€3000,- may yet be added to it.
If the prediction Karel and Angela made in episode 3 turns out to be incorrect.
Now there will be the all deciding test...
...which will yield the winner of Who is the Mole 2010.
It's time for the very last test.
Forty questions about the identity and the role of Mole in all the challenges.
Whoever performs best on this test will be the winner of Who is the Mole 2010.
The last test, deciding it all.
You may begin.
'Did the Mole ever receive a joker?'
Don't tell anyone that I did this.
Four. And a joker.
'Did the Mole ever lie about having jokers?'
How many did you get for each other? - I have none.
I have one too.
'Did the Mole ever win an exemption?'
Sanne, that's correct. You've got it!
I think Sanne is the Mole. What do you think?
I think Kim is the Mole. But Sanne is my number two.
She didn't earn a lot of money.
I understand what you mean when you say it's Kim too.
Who do you think won?
I think Frits won.
Frits? - He was onto those two from the very beginning.
He slowly worked his way through.
I'm thinking more about a socalled naive person like Sanne.
You think Sanne is the Mole? - Yes.
Sometimes she pretended not to be too smart.
She got emotional sometimes.
She had different moods a lot.
I thought: Something's not right there.
Also, she's a very good actress.
Kim was often nervous.
Who do you think won? - Geez.
You think Sanne is the Mole. - I think Frits has won.
Why not Kim? - Kim is too hysterical.
I thought Frits was a lot more composed.
Considering things more carefully.
So we've decided. Frits won.
We didn't though. - No we didn't.
You played the game very confidently right from the start.
You've even determined the group's strategy.
You have also made a pact with Erik which proved fruitful.
But ever since Erik had to leave, you were left standing on your own.
You both shared a lot of information.
Obviously, the question is whether that information was correct.
There was a reason why Erik got executed.
You will never forget this day in Tokyo for the rest of your life.
Because you're the winner. - Really?
You won the pot. - Are you kidding?!
It contains €22.000,-.
You're the winner of 'Who is the Mole?' 2010. Congratulations!
Geez, I never would have thought that.
Yes! Come and stand next to me.
Hand in hand.
Kim, you want to win.
You've played the game intelligently.
Fanatically as well.
You have gained confidence and showed leadership.
You have done a lot of suspicious things.
That's what a smart contestant does.
But that's what a slick Mole does as well.
Sanne, you have played an intriguing game.
You have surprised everyone with unpredictable behavior.
You showed emotion.
One moment you were uncertain and the next sharp as a blade.
You stunned the group with your insights.
All qualities for a superb Mole.
Who is the Mole?
You will see, next week.
It was horrible. What did you think when you saw the screen?
One of you is the runner-up.
One of you is the Mole.
Who is the Mole?