How to Treat Osteoarthritis Symptoms : Exercising Tips for Osteoarthritis

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hello my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf on expert village today I'm going to talk
you about arthritis. Now, in this particular clip , we're going to talk about exercising
because exercising is actually very good to combat the pain of arthritis and also to keep
maintain overall health of your body. Now, exercising there is different recommended
types of exercise and types you don't actually do when you have arthritis. Very good for
arthritis swimming because of the swimming you are there in the water it's good to tone
the body and also the buoyancy of the water will help alleviate some of the gravity on
your body and some of the of the pressure that you are going to do when you doing you
know exercises out of the water. Now, yoga and Pilates are also very good ways to exercise
and but if you have osteoarthritis it is not recommended to any weight bearing because
that would actually increase the pain that you get from arthritis. And jogging, well
jogging I think depends on the degree of the arthritis that you have. But specifically
if you have arthritis of the knee you have to be careful about jogging and if you do
jog, wear real jogging shoes that give you a lot of padding and don't jog too long if
your arthritis is really flared up and you're having a lot of pain. So, here I am going
to demonstrate some ways of exercising and like I said weight bearing is not a good idea
if you have arthritis but its okay it depend on where you have the arthritis for example
if you are have it on your knee joints it's okay to do weight bearing exercises on your
upper part of your body. So you know its okay with that depending on where your arthritis
is you can do the weight bearing. Another ways is of course Pilates is a good way and
here we have a stretchy band very readily available from any exercise stores local drug
store and here you can you know you can do exercises with stretching which is helpful
with toning your muscle for you know trying to stretch your joints to alleviate some of
the pain. So this is actually a good way of doing it it's not too aggressive if you have
arthritis is very severe. So, exercising as I said is a good way to reduce some of the
pain of arthritis and maintain a tone and healthy body.