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Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 21.10.2012

Chain Rule, If you see in a given problem, a function
with a square root sign, or a function enclosed in parenthesis where that function is taken
to a higher power in other words has an exponent, or a trig function such as sin, cosine, or
tangent where there is something more than an x in the parenthesis of that trig function,
you are using the chain rule.
To get to my menu You have to press second alpha on the Titanium
to enter letters in the home screen, and then you enter the letters i n d e x
press alpha again and enter the eight and the closed parenthesis
Press ENTER and you're into my menu
You choose "chain rule" by scrolling down to it, or pressing the number before it, in
this case the number six
Then press ENTER
You are given three things to choose from here
One, Anything enclosed in parenthesis to a power
Two, If you are already given u and f of x And Three, the trig functions with something
more than an x involved
I'm demonstrating the third option in this video, the trig function
Enter your trig function
Press alpha first, then the second button, I'm going to do tangent
Three times x squared
I show you what you've entered You can change it if you want
I say it's ok
You write all of this down on your paper or homework
Here's the formula Here's the choice for u
Here's what f of u And you'll notice one over cosine u squared
This is an identity for secant squared, the derivative of tan of u
Identities, derivatives and integrals of trig functions can all be obtained by going to
trig d d x in my main menu And the next screen is the step by step answer
Pretty neat huh?
Enjoy my programs and pass calculus