Google I/O Sandbox Case Study: GoAnimate

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 22.06.2011

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Nicolas Lassus: The idea of GoAnimate is for anyone to be able to create animations,
without having to draw or animate anything.
So, our team internally is creating characters,
animating them.
And for users, it's just a matter of dragging characters,
typing their scripts.
And we generate the animation for them,
so making it really easy.
Alvin Hung: So, how did I come up with the idea for GoAnimate?
I was trying to make an animation for my wife
and I tried to do it using other existing software
and none of them worked very well for me.
It was very difficult.
And it required me to do a lot of drawing.
And I'm not an artist.
And so, I thought, "Hey, that's too difficult."
That's why I created GoAnimate.
A simple way for me to make animations.
Nicolas Lassus: I think we're part of a big movement
where animation is going mainstream.
You see it on TV.
You see it in commercials.
Animations is used more and more.
But it's still usual for professionals to edit videos.
What we're trying to do is to make it available to anyone.
The opportunities that YouTube has offered us definitely
is related to the size of YouTube.
It is so massive.
Alvin Hung: YouTube is huge.
Being able to tap into that community,
being able to tap into that user base is tremendous for us.
Nicolas Lassus: For a while, already before on,
people were able to export their animations to YouTube.
And so we simply, we actually made our tools available on YouTube.
And the feedback has been really positive.
Our traffic increased around 50%,
if we look at both our GoAnimate and our YouTube platforms.
And especially the exports to YouTube.
I've seen a tremendous increase about five-fold.
Alvin Hung: Going forward,
what we want to do is to create many genre of 2-D animations.
We want to have Japanese-looking, Manga, anime-looking animations.
We want to have youth, paper comics looking animations.
We want to make it so that when you watch an animation,
you don't really necessarily know that it's actually made with GoAnimate
because the styling, the genre, can be so diverse.
Nicolas Lassus: And so hopefully we'll see a lot more videos being created online
thanks to our tools.