Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom : Christmas Gifts for Mom: A Purse

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.10.2008

Hello my name is Ashley Charlton on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'll be talking about
different gift ideas for a mother. Another gift that moms always tend to need are purses.
They use their purses for a while and they get worn out well. You can get them a purse
from Wal-Mart or just any store like that. Or you can get them a medium budget purse
which would be a Guess purse, that is actually medium to high and Guess purses are very nice.
If you really want to splurge, you can get them a Coach purse or a Louis Vuitton or Dunne
and Bourke just to make them feel very special and they would always remember you by it cause
it will last a very long time. So whatever your budget is, you'll be able to find a cute
purse anywhere. Just make sure that you pick the right style for your mother. This is Ashley
with Expert Village.