How Do You Crack the Fat Loss Code?

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How Do You Crack the Fat Loss Code?
People have been searching for diets that will help them to lose weight for decades.
For many this can not only be frustrating, but it can lead to a series of diets that
leave them feeling that the stubborn pounds they are trying to shed are there to stay.
Whereas some diets may restrict the consumption of certain foods, others may promote eating
them to aid in weight loss. How do you crack the fat loss code and achieve your goals when
it comes to losing excess pounds?
Why many Diets do not Work
The majority of people do not realize the main purpose of eating is for survival. We
have become a society that eats for pleasure. Because we enjoy eating, this triggers the
reward system in the brain that makes us feel good. This is difficult to overcome and can
lead to overeating on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons that diets fail. People
begin to feel deprived and return to old eating habits that make them feel good – even though
they want to lose weight.
When following a diet plan that allows you to eat the foods that you like, it is easier
to stay on track and lose weight. This is the key to being able to crack the fat loss
code. A diet that is flexible and does not trigger the feelings of deprivation is going
to be less difficult to stay on and it will allow weight loss.
Restricting calories is normally the basis of all diets and this activates another reaction.
The body begins to think that it is in danger and it will begin to store fat to prevent
starvation. It will also burn muscle in order to retain this fat that is important to survival
as well as to provide the energy that is needed. When the body begins to burn muscle, metabolism
is slowed as another way of preserving energy. This is why a diet can work for a period of
time and then the weight loss stops. It is this point that frequently causes people to
give up on diets because they are no longer losing weight.
Successful Weight Loss Incorporates Foods that are Enjoyed
A diet that allows the body to eat foods that are enjoyed and prevents the frustration of
feeling deprived and hungry all the time will work. In addition, it is easier to stay on
this type of diet. No matter what time of year you go on a diet, there will be an upcoming
holiday or an occasion that will interfere with your diet. This is another reason many
people fail at weight loss. A diet that allows you to eat foods you like on certain days
and return to the diet will be much easier to follow.
The weight you are trying to lose continues to come off; therefore, you do not feel guilty
and give up on the diet. When you are ready to crack the fat loss code, consider the way
your body works. Use this knowledge to plan a diet that will work and you will achieve
weight loss.
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