♥ How flexible & easy gift registry works?

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Transcript: The most flexible & easy gift registry!
Kate and Tom are getting ready for...
the wedding!
To organize the wedding is far from easy, not to mention the issue the presents.
How to avoid those unwanted gifts?
How to to ask guests for something other than a toaster?
How to ask for something, that is not available in a shop? is the easiest way
to create the gift registry with anything you can think of,
where guests contribute with money towards your account,
so you can do whatever you want with it:
e.g. have the honeymoon of your dreams!
It's easy!
The happy couple register at,
create the gift registry - fast and convenient
and share the gift list with guests.
The guests choose the presents, right away make the contribution,
and the money flies to the couple's account.
Quick and safe!
With Weddiness the couple decide how and where to spend the money
and the guests can for sure make the newlyweds' dream come true! The most flexible & easy gift registry!