Weight Loss Challenge Week 10: Truth About Sugar

Uploaded by GoodNutritionForYou on 04.12.2012

Do you stay away from soda and typical snack foods throughout the day and after dinner?
Hi, I’m Luigi Gratton, Vice President of Nutrition Education at Herbalife. And today’s
lesson might open your eyes to the true dangers behind that question. Let’s talk about sugar,
now say the word sugar and most people picture the familiar white granular stuff that many
of us have in a sugar bowl at home but that’s just one form of sugar that we get in a diet.
Granulated sugar is called Sucrose which is primarily extracted from sugar cane. Now there’s
also sugar in fruits called Fructose and a naturally occurring sugar in milk called Lactose
so when you consume a fruit, a vegetable, or a dairy product, you can’t avoid consuming
a natural sugar that those foods contain. Now all of these forms of sugar are carbohydrates
and they all end up in the blood stream. They do this in the form of Glucose which is the
form of sugar that our body prefers to use for energy so when the sugar is absorbed,
so are the nutrients that are included in it’s food source but when the food source
doesn’t have vitamins or minerals such as candy, the sugar supply what we call empty
calories and extra calories means extra weight. Now sugar has all sorts of side effects and
addition to weight gain, sugar can contribute to tooth decay, anxiety, cholesterol, heart
disease, or diabetes so you really want to limit your sugar intake and make sure you’re
checking the labels, as I know you all are, you have to be careful. Corn Syrup, Dextrose,
High Fructose, Molasses, and Maltodextrin are all added sugars. Take together they can
add up significantly so try to obtain your sugars naturally, keep healthy snacks around
like whole fruits, cut vegetables, whole grain crackers, low fat yogurt, and low fat cheese.
Try those so you won’t be tempted to eat sweats instead. Now I know you are all staying
strong out there but the truth is that sugar is an addictive substance. Don’t worry the
innovative minds of Herbalife are here to help. Snack Defense is a great dietary supplement
to ensure that you stay on track. It helps support blood sugar levels already in normal
range by helping your body process sugar from your meals and snacks. Instead of fruit juices
which are very high in calories, try Herbalife’s H30 fitness drink, it has 15% less sugar than
other sports drinks and it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. For more information
about how Herbalife products can support you in the area of sugar consumption, you could
speak to your wellness coach. This concludes this week’s topic of discussion. I’m Luigi
Gratton reminding you to stay healthy by staying away from sugar.