Interview with Na`Vi.LighTofHeaveN @ StarLadder Season 3 (with ENG subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 18.10.2012

Hello everybody!
Next to me you ou can see Dmitry Kupriyanov,
known as Lost.
Dima, Dima,
I’m with you.
Who’s your friend?
It’s Michael.
Why do you call him that way?
Why do I?
Because it’s short and elegant.
Nice reply.
Dima, for how long have you been on vacation after the International?
Almost 1 month.
Was it difficult to return to Dota 2 after therest?
Or did you play it during vacation as well?
It was very easy.
We had a rest for a month and did what we need to do.
After that we came back in our full power and start doing our favorite work.
So it was very easy.
How did you spend your vacation?
I visited my girlfriend in Gomel.
Later I played World of Warcraft for a little.
I had a few trainings in Moscow.
Which ones?
Devoted to self development.
It’s a secret.
And what was the next?
Then my WoW games started and then I got back for Dota 2 for the bootcamp.
As well as I know your girlfriend is a DOTA player.
What do you feel to have such a girlfriend?
Well, she plays well.
Do you have a mutual understanding in daily life?
I improve it for her to understand what girls’ duties are.
During the bootcamp before StarLadder
Admiral Bulldog played with you.
Was there something interesting to learn from him?
Yes. He was an example of self-control, patience and diligence.
It was the only person who plays Syllabear and roots by cd.
Many people are afraid of him and ban him as well.
So he makes such an aura with his diligence,
Persistence and desire that allows his bear to root all the time.
What can you tell about the preparing for StarLadder?
Have you been training for long time?
As far as I know it was difficult for you to find an opponent, isn’t it?
Yes, as there is almost nobody,
everybody’s searching for new teams to make the best team
for the next year in order to prepare for the International.
So there were only few and they were busy with the tournaments.
In general we were training on the tournaments.
It’s because we’re unpredictable and each time we play
in a different manner.
Many teams change their roster before the tournaments,
in particular, the International.
Don’t you think that the current lineup
will exist for no longer than 1 year?
No the International gives you
such a boost and makes you understand
That you have to strive for your goal.
After that everybody understands that it was
like another dimension and one have
to change himself and surround himself with a perfect people.
That’s why they’re looking for the new people.
What can you tell about Empire and Virtus.Pro?
They have new lineup,
what do you think about their chances and
could you analyze each team?
Both teams started full speed training
just after the International when the rest of the teams had vacations.
That’s why they showed wonderful results.
As all the Slavs, for the first month they played very unusual
and then it depends solely on the character.
I know characters of only 3 people from both teams consisting of 10 people.
They’ve got great chances, especially for Virtus.Pro.
What will be the lineup for WCG in Russia?
We have already participated in WCG and lost to M5.
There were Blowyourbrain, NS, Scandal and ARS-ART with me.
So this year WCG will be without you.
It was fair that M5 has won as we haven’t played together
for 1 month and they were practicing all this time,
so we can see the result.
So after StarLadder you’ll have a prolonged bootcamp
you’ll be preparing for ESWC, am I right?
Will you have a special training, any special schedule?
We’ll come at 6 pm, search for opponents and play clanwars
I think everything will go smoothly until we meet the opponents
which will be able to show us something new.
As soon as we meet them
we’ll improve ourselves and to do that ourselves as well.
Your friend Admiral Bulldog has won a quota on ESWC.
What can you tell about that?
They had very strong team and what can I say…
He plays very well other heroes besides Syllabear.
He shows good results with Black and other 3 guys.
Looking at his matches’ history he usually plays Lone Druid only.
Because it’s interesting for him.
He can play great with other heroes as well.
He’s very talented guy.
I’ve got the last neutral question for you.
You’re considered to be the calmest player
not only in Na`Vi but in the whole Dota as well.
Why are you so calm? What happened in your life?
I try to improve myself.
I try to learn more not only in Dota but in other aspects of life.
And it makes a great influence at me.
5 or 6 years ago I was really another person and now
after my 5-year work on myself you can see the result.
Does Dota make an advantage in it?
Yes, as it showed me the world.
I’ve been to many countries and had chance
to communicate with almost all successful and great people.
Ok, thanks for the interview.
I wish you good luck and a victory on StarLadder.
Thank you.