Os Barbixas - Improvável - Frases (Bruno Motta, Guilherme Tomé e Daniel Tauszig)

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Let's play "Whose Line", with Andy and Tomé.
They will pick up sentences that the audience has written.
They will play a scene. At some point, they will get the paper,
read it, and whatever it is in there,
their goal is to make it work inside the scene.
I'll ask Mrs. Eloá for help!
Tonight we have our guest musician, Daniel Tauszig, who will play something in the paino.
I'll ask for you to close your eyes and see the images he inspired you.
A music now, from Daniel Tauszig.
What did he inspired you to see?
- Soap opera's ending. - Soap opera's ending!
All right. 'Soap opera's ending' is the theme for "Whose Line", starting now!
Honey, take the left! We dont have time!
Really, the left? I missed it! I'll make the return!
- Lurdes, how is it going? - She's very bad! Hurry, only you can help her!
- Oh, my God! - Right... Right again!
- We're back in the same place! - Oh, no!
This can't be happening!
I'll be damned... Cleide, come and see this...
- Honey... - Look, they lost their way in the soap opera!
It's insane!
- What did you say? - That stuff you like is on now.
Hey, old lady, what's new?
This is very good! Look at what she said!
My roommate snores!
My roommate snores, I'm late for the wedding,
and I haven't killed Vaquesnora Valesca yet!
We'll be on time for the wedding, and there you can... Kill her!
Vaquesnora Valesca!
Pay attention, this is a maximum security church, and don't forget...
A wiseman is only wise if he has wisdom about wise things!
- Got it? - I'll wait for the 'anyone against this marriage', go!
- Maximum security church! - I'm glad I came dressed as a bride!
- It's the bride! - Let her through!
- I'm with the bride, I'm holding her stuff... - Right, go on...
- He's holding the stuff... - That's why soap opera's scripts suck...
There's the priest!
Be cool... Be cool...
Wait a moment, it seems that the bride has arrived.
Pretend you're the bride, go!
There's the bride, with a veil covering her face in a way that
you could never know if she wasn't your real bride!
- Gosh, this writers are very smart... - So smart...
- I didn't get how she passed the guards... - I slept on that part.
Isn't she beautiful? I can't see that now, but she's beautiful!
Yes, indeed...
- All right... - Here, my love.
All right...
Do you, Bartolomeu Inácio Loyola dos Santos, take Vaquesnora to be your lawfully wedded wife?
- I do. - Vaquesnora...
Do you...
That woman is an impostor!
- I am Vaquesnora! And I am the real bride... - Who can't even talk straight!
And I know who you are... Oh no, I'm without my pants! Wait!
- Wait, hold your horses! - Hurry, father!
- I got left alone... - Even in the last episode they put nudity to improve the ratings!
- I'm confused, I don't know who's who... - I am me!
- I am me! - I'm divided, who is the one?
Don't forget... The true wiseman has the wisdom about the wisemen being wise about...
She's not the real Vaquesnora! Whatever she says, don't listen to her!
Take off her veil...
- Where did that voice come from? - That was me...
I can't believe!
- But I am... - You tramp! You shrew!
My God, that's some real soap opera adjective!
I am the wisest, though, and look...
The volcano doesn't erupt, it has a stuffy nose!
Put back on Oprah, this is bad...
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.