Big Tent: NYC Highlights

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JORDAN ROTH: To me, theater is theater because it is live.
It matters that you are there.
The storytelling becomes more and more digital as we watch
more and more screens, so the live experience becomes more
and more unique.
And therefore more and more valued and
valuable in our lives.

JOANNE FILLION: Technology is a tool like any other tool,
and it all depends on what you do with it.
Our founder, Guy Laliberte, had this dream to see
everybody on the planet wear a clown nose.
So I thought that we could participate
in his dream today.

PETER GELB: I think all of us agree that harnessing
technology for good artistic purposes is the
right way to go.

ERIC SCHMIDT: These devices are life-changing.
And over the next three to five years, the next five
billion will get low end smartphones
of one kind or another.
It will finally enable them to join our conversation to get
the benefits of the information, the
culture, the art.

JULIA NUNES: I think YouTube takes away the need for you to
like, chase someone down in the street and
hand them your demo.
(SINGING) Like baby, baby, baby, oh!
AMIT SOOD: Imagine anybody in the world with an internet
connection can actually start understanding what it means to
see these brush strokes.
BLAKE GOPNIK:With the advent of slides and reproductions in
books, we think that pictures are sort of transportable,
that works of art are transportable.
But I think pictures are very importantly objects in the
world with us, and they're projects in
specific spaces with us.

MICHAEL RAPINO: The internet's been the greatest thing that's
happened to the live business.
SCOOTER BRAUN: The only reason the music industry is slow is
because you've got people who are older, who want to keep
their jobs, who do not want to admit they don't know what
they're doing.
Someday I will be that guy, and I'm just going to be OK
with it, and try and hire someone younger than me.

MARY SCHMIDT CAMPBELL: In this kind of egalitarian Wild West,
how do we account for quality?
And does quality even matter?

SHANE SMITH: We try to make content, but that content has
to be good enough to go to film, or go to TV, or online.
Online is derivative of TV, which I think is a shame.
Because online is better than TV, a better platform than
We should be kicking TV's ass.