[XTM 절대남자2_절대남 식단 공개]Absolute man reveals his diet menu@Dynamic Gym Show 2

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it's not a professional fitness center
the place packed with all kinds of sporting goods
Youngchul Lim's house full of exercising machines
I am a very decisive person, so I put a lot of sporting equipment
He even bought highly priced sporting equipments to put exercise he learned from xtm into practice
looks like a real fitness center
Youngchul Lim's exercising tips
10 minitues of aerobic exercise before you begin
building up his body just as he learned from Xtm
one or two hours of weight training, and then aerobic exercise, such as treadmill
about 30 miniutes to work on my abs
a thorough exercise schedule to get those machines into efficient use
a good exercising schedule and regular weight change check-up are the foundation for efficient work-out
when he was at his physical checkup, he was much heavier
Things were different just 2 months ago
the shocking results from his physical checkup was....
He is diagnosed as extreme obesity with BMI as high as 32
severe abdominal obesity
his arduous fitness test
also had a hard time checking his physical strength
just as what his physical checkup results say, it was most urgent to
reduce abdominal fat and get weight loss
I really suck at this
his amazing results only in 2 months
the person who contributed the most in gaining this result:
his wife's encouragement facilitates him to work out harder
Because I exercise at home than going to some place else,
what's great is that I hear my wife's voice. sometimes she would start nagging and say
why did you end so early?
but usually that complaint sounds very lovely to me
Mrs. Lim's own menu prepared just for her husband while he is exercising
Mrs. Lim preparing for her hudsband's food in great care
I'm making it on low-salt
cut down a lot on carbohydrate intake
the chief component is protein
the refrigerator packed with healthy ingredients-and his wife's love
this isn't seasoned at all. it's also salt free.
the reason why I put these in separate bags is to recognize how much you eat each day at a glance
each meal is measured and individually put into bags
his wife is most attributed to Youngchul's change
his wife is most attributed to Youngchul's change
When I started to work out before, I literally ate only the chicken breasts.
but when I kept eating, I noticed the stinky smell
So I got tired of it and tried something else..
what my wife came up with was:
scorched-brown rice in the morning
Mrs.Lim's special menu helped him get over the hump
salmon at noon,and tenderloin steak in the evening. It's delicious that way
He came to like his special diet
Mrs. Lim's extremely effective diet with both tasty and healthy food
His ideal body type
I wish to be like Cha Seungwon
like him, I want to reborn as a man that fits nicely to any clothes