P.R.-OBLEM (Zombies vs. Ninjas #4)

Uploaded by ShutUpCartoons on 25.05.2012

You people make me sick!
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Good evening and welcome to #$!% You, I'm Right! with me, your host, Barry Blumpkin.
Today's topic: ninjas! Are they terrorists? Our guests are Colonel Flunkerton, the richest
and therefore greatest human alive, and someone named Spencer, who is a Ninja Terrorist.
Colonel Flunkerton, you're rich.
You bet I am! I practically s--- money, yee-HAW!
That's wonderful. So when did you first realize this Spencer character was a terrorist?
He's got his whole face covered up and the only people who dress like that are terrorists!
To call us terrorists because of what we wear is crazy!
I'll pass the judgment around here.
I say we should permanently ban Ninja facemasks.
Let's see what our studio audience thinks of that idea!
All in favor of banning Ninja face masks, raise your hands.
Look at that! Every hand in the air!
I don't have to change my outfit just because it makes you uncomfortable.
Maybe you'd feel more comfortable if we all wore masks!
If you did at least I wouldn't have to look at your nasty teeth. BOO-YAH! I'm out!
I'd say I won that argument.
If Flunkerton has his way Ninja face masks will be legally banned.
But then people will see our lips moving!
That going to be expensive problem for somebody.
We need to spread the word about all the positive things ninjas contribute to society!
Why does this sound suspiciously like hard work?
No harder than making a total idiot out of yourself on TV!
Oh, great. 'Cause that was way easy!
Violating Lady Liberty! Murdering defenseless bald eagles! Drop-kicking toddlers!
These mask-wearing Ninja terrorists are bent on destroying the very fabric of this country!
Which camera on? Andre promise wave to Grandma!
If you fail, you will be fed to my
vanquished cable news enemies: Rachel Zom-Maddow, Zom-berson Cooper, and Zombie Larry King!
Hey, I'm still alive! How could you mistake me for a walking corpse?
Anyone can have an off day. But we're not terrorists!
---- You, I'm Right!
We're, like, totally patriotic! We don't want to hurt anyone.
---- You, I'm Right!
I'm innocent! That kitten set me up!
You people make me sick! But hey, let's ask our studio audience: if you think these Ninja
terrorists are guilty, raise your hands.
Stupid American engineering!
I love you, Grandma!
Somebody help, please!
Wow! I haven't seen a butt-kicking like that since Sarah Palin mud-wrestled a moose
on Pay Per View! You guys are a real credit to this nation!
Wow, Barry, you really mean it?
Every word. And my word is gold! Excuse me, fellas!
Barry Blumpkin back with you and these disgusting ninjas are refusing to leave my studio until
I surrender my American flag underpants! This is how far our great nation has fallen!
How can he call us friends to our faces and then be a total jerk to us on TV?
I guess guys like Barry have to wear masks, too.
Kind of makes you feel bad for the guy, doesn't it?
Not really. Let's kick his butt!
Now yer talkin'!