Math Basics: Addition

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Did you know that you use addition all the time?
Wen you put money into your bank account, you're adding to your balance.
At the grocery store, you add items to your cart.
When you add, you're combining two or more numbers to get a larger number.
This larger number called the sum.
For example, if you already have three lemons and you go to the store
and buy two more, you now have five lemons.
You can write this as: three plus two equals five.
The plus sign is used when you add.
When you're adding, be sure to keep place values in mind.
Place values determine the way you read and write a number.
let's look at the number is six hundred and thirty two.
Two is in the ones place.
The three is in the tens place.
And the sixth is in the hundreds place.
An easy way to add numbers is to stack them according to their place values.
if you want to add twelve and three, first stack twelve, the larger of the two
numbers, on top of three.
Notice that the ones position for each of the two numbers are lined up vertically.
Place a plus sign on the left of the stack and draw a line at the bottom.
Now you're ready to add.
Three plus two is five. So put a five below the line.
The one in the tens place has nothing to combine with, so bring the one below the line.
The answer, or sum, is fifteen.
And those are the basics of addition