Medicare & You: Stay Healthy with Medicare's Preventive Benefits

Uploaded by CMSHHSgov on 16.03.2012

Hi, I'm Pamela Gentry at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
If you've got a minute, I've got some good news about Medicare.
Everyone with Medicare can now get a free annual wellness visit during which you
can discuss with your doctor your current medical conditions, prescription
screenings, and personal family health history, and even more - with the goal
of creating a personalized plan for a healthier future.
Medicare plans also cover a number of preventive benefits at no cost to you -
including bone mass measurements, screenings for diabetes and
cancer, flu and pneumonia vaccines, to name just a few. And if you're in the
donut hole, you'll also get 50 percent discount on brand-name
prescription drugs to help you stay healthy.
It's all part of the healthcare law and a stronger Medicare.
To learn more more about these preventive services,
visit or call 1-800-MEDICARE.