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and all things of this nature.
So we're going to be recapping Breaking Pointe on CW.
That being said, the show is cute.
I like the show.
I'm a new viewer, so tonight was my first episode.
So let me just give you my thoughts.
All of the cast members of this show
are phenomenal dancers.
So let me just start by saying that.
However, my favorite cast member thus far is Christiana,
I think her name is, the redhead.
Christiana is my favorite, because
she's so down to earth.
She's an amazing dancer.
She's giving me my meal.
OK, not only did she give me my meal, girl.
She gave me a snack in between meals.
Girl, she gave me my lunch.
Girl, she gave me my dinner.
And then she came back around the next
day and gave me breakfast.
I'm just saying that Christiana is the den mother.
She is the legendary mother of the house.
So I live for Christiana.
Her motions and her gracefulness are bar none.
So girl, kudos to you.
Let me move on down to the ones that I'm
not that fond of.
No she no he, girl, Allison.
Miss thing.
You are an amazing dancer, but you are annoying.
Girl, every time the camera clicked on you, I wish he
would click off.
Because my thing is this: it seems like, if it wasn't one
thing, it was something else.
You complain about everything.
And I'm a new viewer.
I don't even know what the other episodes are talking
about but I can almost bet that you were complaining
about those episodes, too.
Because on this episode, I am thinking to myself, what is
she not complaining about?
If you're not complaining about the tempo, you're
complaining about the costume.
If you're not complaining about the costumes, you're
complaining about the guy, Rex.
And my thing is, you know, this is what will be killing
me with some females.
She is on the show talking about, oh you know what this
that, and the forth.
You know, he's just happy being around me.
Girl, don't flatter yourself, because even though you're
pretty, already off the top with your attitude and your
whole disposition, you're losing points.
And I'm starting to notice that you kind of look haggard,
kind of like a witch a little bit.
Only because of the way you're carrying yourself.
Be humble.
First of all, if you had to have somebody who wanted to be
under you 24/7?
Girl, I would go with him.
Because you could have a Danny DeVito.
I'm just keeping it real, girl.
I mean, how many of us have little Rumpelstiltskins
chasing us all about the dock of the bay,
watching time go by.
OK, girl, and you've got Rex, and you're complaining?
Girl, child.
And you're complaining?
So Allison, I'm not really feeling her.
And she said on the commentary that you don't want to piss
off the conductors.
And yet, every chance she gets, she's complaining and
pissing them off.
So I don't understand you.
Ron, I think that he's a little cocky.
He's not my favorite because I don't really
care for cocky men.
I don't really care for cocky men, so he's not my favorite.
And then there's the other girl who is like 18 or 19.
I really didn't see too much of her in this episode.
She seemed all right from what I saw, but eh.
My favorite is Christiana.
She is the legendary mother.
Honey, that neck is like a swan, darling.
Girl, those arms are like elegant wings, darling.
She's fabulous, in my opinion.
And she's down to earth and humble.
That's what draws me to her, even more so than her amazing
dance moves.
That's my thoughts on the show on tonight's episode.
Hopefully you enjoyed that and all things of this nature.