Yatterman 2008 - Episode 28 (subbed) english/español

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After a long vacation, Yattaman went to work in the toy store.
But with this crisis, it is best to sit and watch TV.
I love that instant soup...
Well, they said they can cause impotence.
We're broadcasting from the convention center!
Hey, down here!
Oh, sure.
Hi, how are you? We are broadcasting live to see the arrival of the Mecha, for the new year event!
Come on over here... Forward...
It seems that within a few hours, the event of the battle of the Mecha will be a success!
I can not wait to see the new Mecha!
This will be the event of the year!
I explain:
Before going on stage, final adjustments are made.
Ah! Are we ready with the new model?
I love this design! Hopefully, this Mecha will be the best!
Sachiko-Mecha... Wake up!
Ah! this is horrible! As a reporter, I never saw anything like this!
What... What is that?
What happened?!
Something that we know.
This program is sponsored by Takara Tomy and our sponsors.
"Special Mecha Battle Red and White, at the end of chaos, Dakorón!"
I hate that I used to do last minute shopping, Koron!
What happens there, dakorón?
Welcome ladies and gentlemen!
Let's see what we have here...
We present the world champion of slaps...
The best man!
Who could it be?
I am Bocky!
He has won the biggest tournaments in history, man!
Everyone, man!
Nobody is as strong as me!
Thank you very much!
I love you! I love you!
He looks too skinny to be a champion...
Well, you can receive a special slap for only 10,000 yen!
Who is the idiot who will pay for receiving blows dakorón?
Here! I want a beating!
Many ... many ... thank you!
Tonzura, why come so many masochists?
The more swollen cheek will get a kiss!
Is this a hoax?! We're going after him!
Where is it?!
Well done, man!
Okay, this business is over!
It seems to be one dirty business, dakorón!
Wow, these people are happy getting hammered by big money.
I think my hand would charge twice as much, man!
And no one received the kiss of Doronjo-sama.
Revere the Master!
I hope you have kept my command to destroy the Mecha Kobayashi.
Yes, now we will receive a Dokuro Ring?
That's not what I said, beh!
On this occasion, Dokuro ring is in a competition, beh!
But where do we start? Are we going to a stadium?
Skapontan! Not finished talking!
I forgot to mention that this is the "good" Dokuro Ring, beh!
The spear that marks the new year has Dokuro Ring, beh!
Do it well or else see my anger with a punishment that never forget, beh!
Well, now you are aware, I will go to the lesson of history, dabeh!
Okay, let's look at the history lesson, dabeh!
The last day of each year, it is customary to do a ceremony with Sachiko Kobayashi...
She uses a series of very eccentric formal dress, although it is really simple cellophane decorated, beh!
Now, count backwards!
Three ... two ... one, now!
I was born again!
We will have problems, dakorón!
I knew that Dorombo do something!
We will not allow them to ruin Mecha annual event, with their nonsense!
As I always say... Emergency Koron!
Get ready, it will be a long day!
No way! Now, what do I do?
Well, what do I do with this garbage?
I feel like an idiot!
Calm down!
Doron-Factory, at your service!
What's wrong? We can build a Mecha, according to your needs!
Smack here! [Pochittona!]
With all the elegance that this event deserves, I present the most appropriate Mecha...
The new, Sachiko DX!
What kind of monster is that?!
So what do you say?
Give it to me, please!
Has anyone seen Sachiko-san?
It seems that she has not come yet.
Is there?!...
Mihimaru GT!
They are "ET King" himself!
Gan-chan, you're killing me.
Oh?... Yattaman-san?
I explain:
Yokore is the teenage girl that everyone loves like a little girl!
When you're sad... Da ... bee!
When I'm sad... Da ... bee!
What... what happens?!
Good night!
... Hello ...
What was that ...?!
Somebody's got big feet!
Where are the toilets?
She is Mika-san!
Autograph, please!
Wait, Gan-chan, I'm ashamed!
As you wish...
What name is...
Gan-chan, if you do not mind...
Gan-chan, eh?... Take...
... cool ...
Oh... Sakchan.
Are you ready to compete with my Mecha?
Oh... Sakchan the wonderful...
I say the same, Goken-san...
[Special Effects TV]
Hey, Sachiko-san... Dorombo is looking for you to...!
Anyway... is time to start!
Excuse me.
These freaks... Where are they?
Welcome to this great event!
Enjoy... Mecha event of the year!
This is an annual event of songs Mecha!
With special guests...
The Director Sleepberg, designer Shovel-san, Kano Sisters...
President Onara, Mino-san, of Yattaman the film: Kyoko-san Namase, Kenkoba-san...
Toru, Edo Harumi-san, Sekai no Nabeatsu.
And so we complete the list of celebrities.
Let's start with Yattaman song, sung by our special guests!
[Train-Mecha Sewer Rat]
Well, I had something in mind...
Hey... be quiet!
[Master Detective-Mecha]
See you at the same time!
Closing participation, Nishio-san!
It's my turn!
Victory Pose!
And so ends our special...
Now let's see some commercials!
It seems that the red team is winning by a large difference!
Anyway, that's my team!
Now we continue with the special presentation of Mika and her universal constellation Mecha!
Wow, that's a Mecha! [Women Scorpion-Mecha '08]
What Mecha so awesome! Do you think we can do better?
I can assure the victory!
We appear in a minute!
The score has turned unexpectedly! The white team is the virtual winner!
It's our turn!
Now we receive with emotion, Kobaya Sachiko-san and a new theme!
Boyacky, how we will win the prize, singing into a hand with Sakchan?!
Let me fix this, Doronjo-sama!
Smack here! [Pochittona!]
Kobayasach's voice produces enough energy to power the Mecha.
Now the model evolves butterfly!
Moves on to the Dream Real.
We evolved to "Tunnel Lord"!
Evolves to Paradise!
Now moves on and evolves Seed of Life!
Evolves to larger models, presenting the Golden Volcano!
Is changing very quickly!
This is my latest model stellar!
As you can see Kobayasach produces much energy, renewable and completely risk free!
Boyacky, you're a genius! The greatest of all great among all!
What kind of music is that?! This is an insult!
Eh... a moment! What the hell am I singing?!
Hey, Boyacky! People want something better, come on!
I think those are all functions that can be done in the Mecha.
We are about to win and you forget to put more features on this gadget?!
It makes me feel bad...
Boyacky, why not try using that button so special?
That button is in development!
Smack here! [Pochittona!]
What's wrong?
That button...
What was that?
Come on, hurry!
Wait... something is not right!
How do you feel?
I'm going to vomit...
What is happening?
This is dangerous, Koron!
We must stop that!
Everybody, stand back immediately!
Come out slowly, please!
What's going on?!
Let me explain!
Now Sachiko DX absorb all the energy of the planet until there is nothing!
We must get rid of Yattaman, not the entire planet!
I'm really sorry!
Why are you crying, man?
I just want to stop to mourn!
Distemper of steel! Yattawan!
Okay, wan!
Sooner or later, had to see what happens!
Sempai, can I suggest a trip to the clouds?
Is recovered!
Oh, no!... Pelican, all fire!
It's evolving!
Yattaman is here... evil will never prosper!
It's growing...
Find a blind spot!
That is, Gan-chan!
Image scanning, Koron!
Found, Koron!
Where is that point?
It's right between the wings, Koron!
Let's go!
The Mecha could see us if we come in!
What, what happens? What is that?
Hurry, Koron!
Start the show! Yatta-Ankou!
It's now or never... hurry up!
Distemper of steel! Sending-wan!
We have not much time!
Full throttle!
This is pretty big... Where do we look first?
Why this does not move?
Why do not you relax?
Have you gone crazy?
Sachiko-DX does not know that we are inside and we can still control their mechanisms...
... if only I knew how to do that.
What ?!...
It seems that there are signs of life inside.
Do not I look like a pelican?
Yes, of course... of course.
On the way, Pelican!
Ai-chan, Mecanomoto!
Yattawan!... Yattapelican! Mecanomoto!
I explain:
Yattawan, YattaPelican, use the Mecanomoto that supply power to create super-awesome Mecha.
Energy recharged, completely!
Preparing super-surprising Mecha... Start!
Yes! Now look for the core!
We are very close to finding the core, Koron!
On the right, Koron!
Yes, sir!
Oh!... fast, Koron!
In time, Koron!
Yattawan... extinguisher!
It works!
Pelican... maximum power!
Come on!
At last...
Beautiful!... The Mecha became sprinkles!
Ah!... Look at that!
It's right in our way!
What do we do?
Roger, boss! [Ara sa sai!]
Dokuro Ring is ours!
What ?!...
Anyway... I'm dying to know!
So ... will ... the real one?!
Why ?!...
It seems that the event had a good ending.
I can only tell you that it was the best New Year's Eve!
Victory Pose!
Yatta, yatta, Yattaman!
Ken-chan, I regret everything that happened at the annual event of Mecha... I'm sorry.
Look... it is snowing...
Besides, I think I like you...
And at the end of this story, Sak-chan accepted... our relationship.
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This is a live broadcast to celebrate the new year!
Now let's see how to start the festivities, beh!
We miss the feast, man!
Have a Happy New Year!
How do you get to sing perched on top of a building?
Happy New Year!
Sure! I'm ready for anything!
A new year begins... and these guys are more clueless!
Shout as the heroes...
Yatta, yatta... Yattaman!
Hey, let's celebrate!