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Hi, I'm Dwane Brown with some of the day's top stories...\
San Diego Unified is one of eleven local school districts in danger of not being able to pay
its bills.\ The state says a record number of school districts
are in dire financial straits this year.\ And more students applied to go to California
state universities this fall...\ But because of budget cuts, admissions were
held to about the same level as last year.\ [CG :SDW Headline\\]\
All the day's news on our website, KPBS dot org.\
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Hi, I'm Dwane Brown with a look at some of the day's top stories...\
The ACLU is taking issue with a Poway school's project to equip fourth and fifth-graders
with iPads - at their own expense.\ The ACLU says asking most parents to buy,
rent or lease the devices is tantamount to charging an illegal fee.\
And today state lawmakers passed a bill to establish safety standards for cars that can
drive themselves.\ [CG :SDW Headline\\]\
You can find these stories and the rest of the day's news on our website, KPBS dot org.\
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Hi, I'm Dwane Brown with a look at some of the day's top stories...\
San Diego Councilman Carl DeMaio has released a Bill of Rights for city water users. In
it he pledges to overhaul the fee system to provide more incentives for conservation,
improve the city's water infrastructure and to expand San Diego's water sources. \
And a judge has upheld layoff notices for more than 15-hundred San Diego unified workers.\
[CG :SDW Headline\\]\ \
You can find these stories and the rest of the day's news at KPBS dot org.\
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[ReadRate:13]\ Good evening, thanks for joining us... I'm
Dwane Brown.\ \
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[ReadRate:13]\ The Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
resigned today.\ Gregory YAZ-KO visited the San Onofre nuclear
power plant in the north county last month.\ It been shut down since January because of
problems with its steam generators. \ Yaz-ko had meet with people concerned about
the plant...\ And assured them it wouldn't restart before
determining the cause of the problems. \ [TAKE: 2box]\
\{**2box**\}\ KPBS reporter Alison St John is covering this
story and joins us via Skype...\ [CG :SDW Headline\\NRC Chief Resigns]\
\ [CG :LOWER THIRD\\Alison St John\\KPBS News]\
\ Alison.. Was it a surprise that Yaz-ko resigned
?\ \
Q .. You talked to one of the people who spoke to him about san onofre \'85 \
what was his reaction to Yaz-ko's resignation ?\
\ Q. What happens next with San Onfre? \
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[INSERT OTS]\ San Diego Unified is among a record number
of school districts reporting serious financial problems.\
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Eleven districts in the county are on a state list of schools in qualified financial status.\
That means they may have problems paying their bills.\
\ [Anchor:Dwane]\
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San Diego Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray is in one of the most competitive House races
in the state. \ Our media partner Investigative New Source
dug into some of the bills he sponsored...\ And the influence surrounding them -- so voters
can assess his priorities.\ [TAKE: 2box]\
\{**2box**\}\ [CG :SDW Headline\\Follow The Money]\
Reporter Ryann Grochowski continues our "follow the money series" from the news center.\
\ [CG :LOWER THIRD\\Ryann Grochowski\\Investigative
Newsource]\ [Notes:]\
\{**Dwane**\}\ So, what did you find, Ryann?\
\{**Ryann**\}\ We looked at all the bills Representative
Bilbray introduced into Congress since 2009, and then we analyzed all the groups or companies
that lobbied on those bills and any campaign donations those groups gave to Bilbray. \
We found that Bilbray has focused on promoting alternative fuels, specifically fuels made
from algae. \ We also found companies that are developing
algae fuels are some of his most consistent donors.\
\{**Dwane**\}\ Who are some of these companies?\
\{**Ryann**\}\ San Diego company General Atomics is Bilbray's
overall biggest donor. \ They've given about ninety thousand dollars
to him throughout his career. \ They are also developing algae fuel, and registered
to lobby on a bill by Representative Bilbray that would give algae fuel producers a tax
credit. \ Sapphire Energy, another local company, also
lobbied on that bill and gave Bilbray several thousand dollars in the past few years.\
\{**Dwane**\}\ How much has Bilbray raised for his re-election
campaign?\ \{**Ryann**\}\
About a million dollars. \ General Atomics has given him about ten thousand
dollars this election, as their donations are limited by law. \
So their donations are more to show support of the job he's doing in Congress. \
We will be keeping an eye on super PACs in this race, as they can raise and spend more
than companies.\ \{**Dwane**\} \
Where can we find more on this report?\ \{**Ryann**\} \
To help people follow the money,\ [TAKE FS: follow the money app screenshot\
NUMBER:]\ we assembled an easy-to-search app \
of Bilbray's recent legislation, lobbying activity and campaign donations. \
You can find that at\ \{***DWANE***\}\
Ryann Grochowski with our media partner Investigative Newsource. \
\ [Anchor:DWANE]\
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This week in our continuing election coverage...\ We hear from candidates vying for open San
Diego City council seats. \ Tonight we start with the 9th district.\
\ [Anchor:DWANE]\
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The fight against childhood obesity took center stage in Chula Vista today. \
KPBS Health Reporter Kenny Goldberg says the county rolled out a new fitness campaign.\
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\ [Anchor:DWANE]\
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[INSERT OTS]\ Tony Gwynn is joining a group looking to buy
the Padres.\ He says he's excited by the vision of movie
executive Thomas Tull...\ One of five potential new owners for the team.\
Gwynn says he doesn't yet know what role he'd play with the Padres.. \
But he does plan to keep coaching baseball at San Diego State.\
\ [Anchor:Dwane]\
\{***Dwane***\}\ [ReadRate:13]\
The San Onofre Nuclear power plant provides about 20 percent of southern California's
energy.\ Its license comes up for renewal in a decade
and anti-nuclear activists want it denied.\ As Alison St John tells us one San Diego company
is looking for better ways to generate nuclear power.\
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[Anchor:DWANE]\ \{***DWANE***\}\
[ReadRate:13]\ Today was the deadline to register to vote
in the June election.\ If you already received your sample ballot,
you may have noticed it looks a bit different.\ Joanne recently talked with the county registrar
about what's new this year.\ \
[Anchor:DWANE]\ \{***DWANE***\}\
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The head of the nuclear regulatory commission is stepping down.\
Gregory Jaczko visited the San Onofre nuclear plant earlier this year and said it would
stay offline until equipment problems were solved.\
One analyst says the resignation is cause for concern about San Onofre's future.\
\ [Anchor:DWANE]\
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[INSERT OTS]\ And eleven school districts in the county
may have trouble paying their bills.\ San Diego Unified is
the districts on
a state list of school systems in financial trouble.\
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