Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup Recipe : Finish Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.10.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis, on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I'm going to show you how
to make turkey soup out of leftover holiday turkeys. It's been ten minutes, so I'm going
to carefully lift this back, and I'm going to completely kill the heat on this. There's
no need for such a violent boil. I'm going to stir in here, and you?ll see the orzo in
there, and you'll also that the soup has thickened up significantly. The thickening is actually
from the reduction, and part of it is also from the orzo introducing starch into it,
and the other reason it's doing that is that the carcasses will actually start to thicken
soups. What you want to do...let me get a little bit here so I can show you what it
looks like. It's actually pretty thick stuff, pretty hardy. That's actually what our soup
looks like, and I think ...is that a bone, why look at that, it is; there?s actually
a couple of bones here. What I would recommend doing before you serve it, is going through
here really carefully, and making sure that there are no bones in here. You could also
strain it, and completely remove all the turkey from it, and have a really nicer turkey broth
soup. That's something that you really don't see much anymore. It's something that used
to be done a whole lot in the Victorian Era and the Middle Ages. They would actually strain
all the meat and vegetables out of a soup. It sounds kind of counterproductive these
days. That's where consomme` came from. You could just serve it like this, but be careful
about the bones. I'm going to opt to live life dangerously, and be very careful about
the bones. Let me show you what a bowl of this is going to look like.