Handwashing 101

Uploaded by hercEIU on 08.02.2011

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Welcome to the HERC's Handwashing 101.
Along with covering your cough and getting vaccinated,
washing your hands is one of simplest and most important
steps in preventing the cold and flu this season.
During this video you will learn how to properly wash your hands
in a simple step by step process.
First, wet your hands with warm water.
Second, add soap.
Third, scrub the back of your hands, between fingers, wrists,
and underneath fingernails for at least 20 seconds.
Fourth, rinse your hands with warm water.
Then dry your hands with a paper towel and turn off the tap
using that paper towel.
Be sure to use these steps everyday to prevent
the cold and flu.
For more steps on preventing the cold and flu explore
the HERC's website.
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