Inside OSU - OSU Men's Golf/NCAA Regional

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Hi, this is Burns Hargis for a very special edition of Inside OSU.
I'm here at Karsten Creek golf course and it is a beautiful place, it is the home of the Cowboy and Cowgirl golf teams. You know OSU has been esteemed as having one of the premier programs in NCAA history. We've won ten national championships been second fifteen times -- we've participated in every NCAA championship since we
inaugurated our program in 1947
very special event is can occur between May 14 and May 16 right here in Karsten Creek and it is the NCAA regionals and
it's a very exciting time in a wonderful tribute to this great golf course in our golf program to be able to host this NCAA regional
Lets go see our golf team and talk to coach Mike McGraw
who is one of only three golf coaches we've had in all these years that we've had this premier golf program Labron Harris was
the first
Mike Holder was the second and
then Mike McGraw.
Lets go see Mike now.
Here we are down on the practice range here at beautiful Karsten Creek now I'm with coach Mike McGraw, the coach of the
great OSU Cowboy golf team
Mike welcome. Glad to have you on Inside OSU. Who are are friends here?
Well, first of all, I have Trent Leon he is from Dallas, Texas. He's a senior our only senior on the team this year
and then next is a sophomore
from Murrieta, California named Rickie Fowler
and next to him is Kevin Tway from
Edmond he's a sophomore.
And then I have Trent Whitekiller
from Sallisaw, Oklahoma
he's a junior
and on the end I have Morgan Hoffmann. He's a freshman from Wyckoff, New Jersey.
Good to see you guys
Mike, talk about Cowboy golf. I mean we really do have an incredible tradition give me your thoughts on it
Well, you know we've had golf here for 62 years and we've been to the national championship every year and
had a finish at the national tournament every year. We've only had three coaches -- Labron Harris started the program in 1947.
And Mike Holder played for him
in the late '60s and early '70s and then took over it in
and then he coached for 32 years and I took over in the fall of 2005 so we haven't had a lot of turnover I don't think has as much to do with facilities
as it does with just people we've been able to
we've been fortunate enough to recruit a lot of really good outstanding young players who
represent us well and I've got some this year that I feel like are doing the same. What does it mean to host the regional and how important is that?
Well, it's a great experience.
Karsten Creek was built obviously for the men's and women's golf teams but was a built to also host championship
golf tournaments. You've got one of the best teams in the country.
We got our home course, it's a lay down cinch, right? We win? I wouldn't say that, I wouldn't say that. I would say they're going to have to play well to win
but I do like the fact that we've seen this golf course under all conditions so I mean like today we played nine holes and went in and then yesterday it was perfect
so we're going to see it
I don't think it will be cold mid-May
but we've played a lot of golf in that too. Well, let's watch some of these guys hit the balls a little bit. Absolutely. Lets do it. Lets do it.
Holy Moly! That was pretty impressive. Yeah, that was really good there, for an ole' boy from Sallisaw. Not bad at all.
Lets see. Lets get Kevin up here. Kevin, as you know, comes from pretty good horse flesh
His dad is Bob Tway, former PGA champion
Yeah, Kevin, he's got good roots. Lets see how he hits this one.
Yeah, that's right. On a stray, right Kev?
Here we go.
Oh ho, oh, have you got this going. Nobody's got a chance. Oh, okay, I'm glad you said that, some athletic director.
yeah, yeah Ricky
Ricky show them that special shot that's a wind ball because we play in a lot of wind here in Oklahoma so
Here we go
this is Ricky
Watch this...
Oh man, that's your chip, what does your drive look like? Okay, now I can hit farther than that.
Burns, don't you want to give it a shot. Oh yeah, because you've given me lessons before. I know I just about drove you out of the game. I know it was remarkable.
Guys, don't watch this. That was pretty good. Yeah, that wasn't bad was it? It was real good.
Nice, nice.
Well we really appreciate it Mike, this has been great.
May 14 through the
for the NCAA regionals.
I think we're looking at the winning team here. Nice. Oh, that's it, that's a winner!