Gönülçelen )) Episode 19 - Part 6/6 [English Subtitles]

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so we don't know who bought the piano?
no they wanted the name to be a secret
why I wonder
this is not what we have to worry about now
We need to find an alternative way to persuade Murat
to get back into music
so are you really gonna work in this coffee shop now?
oh not the same subject again.. go on.. what??
look you used to sew at home it was better
but the money from the sewing business is not enough
the bills are piling up
everyone is asking for their debt to be paid
wouldn’t it be nice if I learned some extra money?
what?? ok. Speak..
don’t throw it all inside? Say it..
I'm a woman and I can't run a business
My flower.. It's not that.. I can't deal with it..
see a 1000 men will come here and you'll have to serve them..
are you jealous?
of course I am
then you'll have to come and help me out if you're jealous
But If you don't come then I'll have to run this place on my own
but that’s not so simple
oh enough.. you talk so much
I couldn't even support Hasret
Look at her... she's so upset..she's fragile
as if she's going to break
If she had some good news.. If only she could be happy
where can we find Ms. Hasret?
I'm Hasret
hello we've a delivery for you
what delivery
oh that's Murat hoca’s piano
It really is!
I've a note to give you..
My dear daughter Hasret
You don't deserve to be upset
you deserve to be happy
Please accept your gift - Saime
who is the note from?
Mrs Saime
can you put these in the back of the car?
yes sir
what are they?
worthless stuff
kids.. get away from it.. Don’t touch it
It's not your dad’s piano..
My hasret.. why are you all frozen now? Be happy..
you wanted the piano and it came to your doorstep
so it was Saime on the phone
I figured that
yes but how did she know?
I don’t know
Weren’t you the one who wanted the piano?
I was..
well then just take it to Murat Hoca
Can I've a signature here..
thank you good day..
what is this?
What’s going on ?
It's your piano
I get it. I can see that... what’s it doing here?
for you..
what do you mean for me?
I mean I bought..
how could you do such a thing?
I thought this piano is very valuable for you and If you had it back
do you think you're doing me a favour?
I just don’t want you to quit your music studies
so you think if you bring back the piano
I'll immediately start playing it
Is this it.. so simple?
no one can change my decision
if I had wanted this piano
no force could have taken it out of this house
and if I don't want it
no one can bring it back into the house
neither do you
did you get it Hasret?
this piano can't come into the house
why and How you got the piano ? I don't know
but take all your reasoning along with the piano away from here
don't ever make a decision on my behalf
did you understand?
no one can make a decision on my behalf
you can't make a decision on my behalf
no one can make a decision on my behalf an you can't either
did you get it?