Deaf Storytelling Fingerspelling

Uploaded by themefund on 06.12.2010

This is a video designed specifically for Jess: shakes1327 on Twitter and Youtube
She asked her ASL friends to help her with her fingerspelling reception
and I had a couple of clips of some RIDICULOUSLY fast finger-spelling
I am personally not a good finger-speller, but these guys were Deaf
I went to a Deaf Storytelling Jam, videos of which I'll post on my second channel soon
For now I just wanted to get the clips of the finger-spelling up
Some of these guys were REALLY fast, others were slower but I wanted to get them up for you.
The first few clips come from a guy who's story was very funny
He was telling a story about when he was flying and the stewardess found out he was Deaf.
I hope you could understand that one, it was pretty slow
It was his imitation of the stewardess asking if he was Deaf
That was a little hard to see because he switched his thumb from S to A
But it was "safe"
That was his impression of the stewardess asking if he u-n-d-e-r-s-t-o-o-d
So this next guy, as I said, was RIDICUOLOUSLY fast with his spelling
I don't even understand some of these words, so here you go:
I think he was spelling his name, which is L-I-N
I think that was his name, but I'm not positive on that one but I think that's it
You got me, I think I saw an "E" in there
That one I know for sure was camel.
Thanks for watching, I'll see you tomorrow, buh-bye