Jihyun Ryou - a Korean artist about her storage solution for vegetables

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Of course, I like to eat.
It means I take care of my food
And at the same time, in general, I don't like to throw away things.
The big idea behind this is that I am suggesting that
the space you can keep your vegetables -
without a refrigerator, but with traditional knowledge
from farmers or grandmothers or grandfathers
how they used to do that when they did not have refrigerators.
I did research. I did interviews with the people,
and also I visited their kitchen.
Afterwards, I understood some knowledge, and then I researched with a book or with an expert.
Can I believe this, or is this a kind of myth from people?
These vegetables become frozen at a certain temperature.
The term for this is chilling injury.
For example, eggplant will become frozen at 8 degrees.
And cucumbers will freeze at 7 degrees, but the fridge is from 0 to maybe 4 degrees,
so a fridge is too cold a place.
This amount of water is the amount which this container evaporates for one day,
so this tool invites you to water your vegetables like you do for your flowers.
You give like this [pours some water into tray]
When we keep these carrots or leeks we tend to keep them horizontal,
but when they are horizontal, they tend to lose more energy because
they want to go back to the stage they were growing up before, which is vertical,
so I am using sand to keep them vertical.
And at the same time, sand can keep the humidity correct.
And there are apples.
And underneath there are potatoes.
What happens here is that apples produce ethylene gas a lot, and
and this gas normally makes the other fruit or vegetable quickly ripen.
But especially with the potato, the process is the other way around:
So, if you keep them together, the ethylene gas slows down the growth of the potato.
So, in this way, you can keep potatoes longer.
With the design of this product I also try to bring your food in front of your eyes.
So, instead of hiding all the food ingredients in the fridge,
where you don't see what is inside,
I want to really show in front of your eyes, and
you can check what you have, how they are,
you can understand. You can buy stuff depending on that.
And I think that will help alot.
Writter and Director: Valentin Thurn
Producer: Sebastian Engbrocks
Camera: Roland Breitschuh
Sound: Ralf Gromann
Management: Fréderic Sapart, Birgit Köster
Music: Pluramon
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