The Clemson Experience

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(music: Tiger Rag)
(Male Student) When you walk onto Clemson’s campus, you
just feel like the Clemson spirit, and you know, people bleed orange. Everybody bleeds
orange here.
(Female Student) Clemson is awesome.
(Male Student) Clemson is the greatest decision that I have
ever made in my entire life.
(Male Student) Clemson University for me, it is home.
(Male Student) You can feel that there is a Clemson spirit,
there is a tiger spirit here. And it is infectious.
(Female Student) It’s definitely changed my life. It’s
been a healthy balance of great academics as well as a great social life.
(Male Student) Throughout the rest of my life, it is Clemson,
Clemson, Clemson, Clemson.
(music: Tiger Rag) C
(Grace Wolff) You go out on the water, and you are working
hard every day. I see the sunrise or the Blue Ridge Mountains every morning. When I walked
on campus my freshman year, I had never set foot in a boat, I had never seen rowing done.
I knew nothing about it. I remember specifically talking to my parents, being like, “Oh god,
I hope I just make the freshman boat.” By the end of the year, I was an ACC champion,
an ACC record holder. It was totally unexpected, and I would have never, ever guessed that
could have happened.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, is a lot colder than Clemson, obviously. I can’t say that I miss
those winters too much. Clemson was, I kind of just stumbled upon it. When I was a senior
in high school, doing my college search, I mean, I had never heard of Clemson, no one
I know has ever gone to Clemson, but just what really, I guess jumped off the page for
me was, the student happiness rating was like a 97 out of 100. So without knowing anything
about the school, without knowing what it looked like, I just went online, applied,
and then I got in, a couple months later, and came down to visit, and you know, fell
in love! {laughter!}
(Kevin Dejonkheere) I think what makes engineering so interesting
to me is the fact that pretty much everything we deal with on a daily basis involves engineering.
The cars we drive, the bikes we ride, and everything we use, even the mechanical pencils
we have now, it is all part of engineering. My parents, the first toys they bought us
were Legos. And I guess that kind of led on to tinkering around with our bikes, and taking
things apart and trying to figure out how to get them put back together. And of course,
Dad usually had to help us out, but that just kind of led into engineering.
(Winston Lord) Clemson as a community, I think promotes just
a passion for what you love, and what you want to be, or what you want to pursue in
life. I am a part of the Tiger band, the symphonic band, and I came to Clemson because of the
audio technology major. I just really like the atmosphere here.
(singing: God so loved the world He gave His only son…)
(Winston Lord) I get a hands-on experience with everything.
I have been able to work with vocalists, bands, work in the theatre, behind the boards, and
everybody is really passionate about what they do. Whether I am talking to a chemical
engineer, or another audio technology guy, or just faculty, you know, everybody really
loves what they do here.
(Male speaker)
Taking the middle.
Taking the next step.
(Jennifer Rahn) My town. Ehrhardt, South Carolina. Population?
About 600. It is a very impoverished town. There are only 15% of those people there who
have a college diploma, and so education is not a huge factor there. I guess I just had
the determination that I wanted to do bigger things, and I have so many amazing friends
here. And Clemson also offers so many opportunities. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work
with cancer patients, and to work with heart failure patients. I had never been outside
of the country before I came to Clemson, and I have been on mission trips to the Bahamas.
I have been in France, England, Scotland, Belize. And I have just gotten more experiences
than I can ever have imagined.
(Mansa Joseph) When I got to Clemson, and I saw like all
of the people; however, such a small environment, Clemson blew me away. I mean, I wasn’t expecting
this from college.
I like working with the kids because they’re fun. They’re little people, they don’t
know what is going on yet. They are trying to find themselves. And I love it because
I can help them find themselves. Kids have, you know, told me I have changed their life.
And I mean, when you get a kid to tell you that, it is like…! Education means, to me,
giving children a chance to succeed in this world, to better this world.
. (Heather Johnson)
I came to Clemson because, after I did my research, I felt like Clemson University was
four years of a good education, with a good life at the same time. I started out in Chinese,
and I didn’t know that I was going to like it as much as I really did. I love the language.
It is so interesting! It is also such a challenge. I received an application for a student ambassador
program in China for the World Expo. And I actually got the position. They sent us out
a list of all the students, and what colleges they were from, and I was incredibly intimidated.
We had Harvard, Yale, Duke, Dartmouth.
We had 500 people coming in every ten minutes, and I would say, “I am a student from Clemson
University.” So about, I don’t know, probably 200, 000 Chinese people hopefully will remember
Heather Johnson was a student from Clemson University!
(Michael Wade) Yeah, Ash has got the arrow. You have the
I am really excited about the people I have met, and the opportunities that I have now.
Football, it’s been a part of my life forever.
(Instructor) In risk management, “res ipsa loquitur”
just says “the thing speaks for itself”.
(Michael Wade) My favorite financial management class was
risk in insurance, and I think I liked that class the most just because the teacher really
cared about how well we did, and she cared about how we were feeling. I just feel like
the people there, you know, really care about you. You go some places, and you know, you
are just another face, you are just another person. Clemson’s been everything I wanted
it to be, and more.
(Winston Lord) Being in Tiger Band on Saturdays is the greatest
experience I have ever had. When you start running into Death Valley, you can hear, you
can feel the crowd, feel the stadium shake. You can feel everybody’s excitement, it
pours onto the field.
(Grace Wolff) And you just look up, and you are surrounded
by orange everywhere, and it is just like people are screaming, and it is so intense.
(Winston Lord) Eighty thousand plus people in the stadium,
we play Tiger Rag, and everybody goes crazy. It is a great experience. It is electrifying.
(announcer) Drops a throw. He’s going to fire long over
the middle, wide open, Brandon Clear’s got it! At the twenty … at the ten … at the
five … and there’s orange in the end zone! Touchdown!
(Male speaker) What does education mean to your family?
(Byron Clear) Everything.
(Brandon Clear) Everything!
(Byron Clear) Education comes first.
(Brandon Clear) We, actually, our first scholarship was actually
from Stanford.
(Byron Clear) We were recruited by 25 D1 universities.
(Brandon Clear) We were going to get a great education no
matter where we went, but it was exactly, as soon as I stepped on this campus, I just
felt comfortable. And now when we left, we’re Clemson tigers. I love people. That’s why
I chose marketing. I love being around people, meeting new people, just because everyone
is different. Everyone has their own story.
(Byron Clear) I came to college knowing that I did want
to do football, but at the end of the day, I always wanted to go to grad school. I love
to learn. I love knowledge.
(singing: Clemson, our Alma mater,)
(Byron Clear) Clemson University strives to provide their
students with the best academics, the best facilities to learn, and they want to send
people out into the world who have the spirit, and they have a desire to be successful.
(Kevin Dejonkheere) It’s amazing how, no matter where you go
in the world, it seems that someone who’s connected with Clemson will find you, and
they will immediately come up to you and talk to you about it, and it’s, it’s like they’re
(Heather Johnson) This sounds cliché, but it is, it’s like
a family, it’s like the Clemson family.
(Grace Wolff) It’s kind of corny, but it’s true. I mean,
people here really do care about the students.
(Byron Clear) Clemson people are like no other people you
ever meet before. They take you in as their own, regardless of who you are.
(Grace Wolff) I know I’m not just a number at Clemson.
I’m Grace Wolff.
(Male speaker) How would your life be different if you had
gone somewhere else?
(Mansa Joseph) Whew… I never thought about that. I don’t
want to think about it! {laughter!} I was destined to be here.
(Singing: That the tiger’s roar may echo,
O’er the mountain height.)