Secret Shop review @ The International 2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Aug 31, 2012

Hello everybody! I am going to make a little excursion on Benaroya Hall for you,
where the tournament starts soon. The players haven’t come yet and we came a
few minutes ago. There are seats for the players and here goes the final
preparation for the tournament, people are working. I’d like to show
you a little secret shop and this courier who gets water for PGG.
These are posters which you can buy for $10. It can be seen badly,
but these are all posters from the game, such a nice Vanguard and
lots of different staff. You can buy it as well. There are different
T-shorts for $20. Different cool trinkets, SteelSeries mouse.
To buy this stuff you must fill this Secret Shop Order Form which
has all the prices, and it informs that if you buy goods on the sum
of $40 you’ll get DOTA playing cards. The number is limited, so
who’ll buy the first, those will be lucky. In addition to these nice
banners there is the Aegis, those one which you could see on the
photos. It’s still here as Volodya PGG hasn’t come yet and when
he comes, it won’t be here. That’s all. See you with me new videos.