/afk - The Movie: Part 2/2

Uploaded by AFKthemovie on 19.11.2010

Where is he? Why doesn't he say something?
Maybe he doesn't like fireworks.
I just sent him a text message!
Maybe he is still on the toilet or...
Hey, there you are!
Here comes a farewell present...
Congrats! You're the boss! Nice!
You're one lucky motherf-
DUCKY, I found your spongebob underwear!
Momma get out of my room!
Guys, I totally love you!
And I don't care what anyone says...
You are not just virtual friends!
You're real people to me.
Let me tell you about my real life...
it consists of just -
[No sound]
Consists of what?
Is it a secret?
So... Wintergrasp is starting in 4 minutes... Let's go! Who wants to go for...
Who's up for a naked dance party? Hey! Nobody leaves!
He's just linkdead, let's-
I will never...
Heal heal heal!
Where are you??
I can't cast!
I can't move!
ARGH, more... light...
Go get your dragon!
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User left your channel.
You can go too if you want.
No problem, I can wait alone.
I wouldn't know where to go anyway.
Or... nah. Fridge is empty!
I will totally miss you.
Can you promise me something?
Anything you want.
Get a job again. It will do you good.
I don't know. Work and work to get a better job...
to work and work to get a higher position, a secretary...
buy a nice car, call myself an executive...
and that's it?
Interesting point...
You should be dead?
Well met, mighty Aventhor!
You? Why?
Ask yourself, this is your world!
You shouldn't ask who I am, but who you are!
I know who I am!
Do you?
Standing there in your armor, I think that you do not!
A warrior you want to be.
But only a hollow presence you are!
An invisible shade without a purpose.
You need this form...
this cloak!
Thou wilt never be freed!
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