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When I'm fighting, being hit at,
it doesn't feel painful.
For all UFC fighters, I believe, none of them would feel pain when they are in a match.
I don't get annoyed,
nor angry,
'I should hit him back'
'I got hit, so I'll hit him too.'
When I'm in the cage,
it doesn't hurt as much even though I'm hit much.
It hurts after you come down.
More importantly, however,
it hurts more when I lose a match, it breaks my heart.
I don't mind broken arm or a leg,
as long as I win, I can smile.
Chansung Jung Featherweight Match vs. Dustin Poirier
We can see victory right in front of him.
Chansung Jung is in HD fight tonight.
I hope to see the Korean flag till the end.
Back then, actually,
I wasn't feeling well.
Bad shoulders, bad knees...
Chansung Jung has physical condition that cannot go worse.
Chansung recently went through severe shoulder injury.
Ah, I am wishing for his victory.
This is all I can say.
Once the cage is closed,
it feels somewhat shuddering.
The fighter, who was with me right before,
is in the cage a little later.
There is no one else.
When the fighter first enters the cage, he may feel fear, and fun at the same time.
There are thousands of feelings, right there.
I hope to see Jung overcoming the attacks with the supporting cheers.
Actually, Jung has shown us how he has changed.
Very nice!
The cage, makes you bear all those things.
The pain comes only after the match is finished.
Here comes good opportunities!
Here it is!
I can hear the slapping sounds,
'What should I do?'
In matches like UFC,
fighters cannot hear me even if I shout.
Chansung Jung, flying knee-kick!
Is it shaking? Is it shaking?
Another knee-kick!
Again, again!
He leads the match!
Well done Chansung Jung!
Take down!
He tied him down!
During the match,
I can't look painful even though I'm in pain.
I can't let opponent know (that I'm in pain).
Here it goes,
He has to be careful of one hit, just one hit!
Grab him and hit him, yes!
Stop here, and,
Nicely done!
Without hesitating!
I'm not afraid of being hit.
I'm afraid of losing.
If I were to be afraid of being hit, why would I be doing this?
He takes the hit!
Flying knee-kick!
He takes the side.
Is it d'arce?
D'arce, d'arce!
It's d'arce grip!
Chansung has good d'arce choke skills.
D'arce choke, d'arce choke!
It's over!
Chansung Jung Submission win
He finishes it, Chansung Jung!
It's okay if I get hurt and win.
But if I get hurt and lose, that's really..
that drives me crazy.
Ah, I thought I was going to die in 3rd round.
I was thinking of giving up as well,
but Dustin Poirier looked tired as well, so I could finish him off.
Now, I think I can call him up.
I want Jose Aldo.
Jose Aldo: WEC champion, 14 consecutive wins since 2006, UFC featherweight champion Total score 21 wins 1 loss, has best punching skills and ground skills for his weight.
After you win the match,
all the hurts and pains you got from the match become bearable, acceptable.
However, if you have the same hurts and pain but lost the match,
you are not rewarded for the pains you had gone through.
This means,
aside from broken bones,
in order to be rewarded for the cuts and bruises, you must win the match.
When you are in the cage, on the stage, there is no room for hesitating about being hurt.
Donghyun Kim Welterweight match vs. Demian Maia
The first of Korean UFC history, pride of Korea, Donghyun Kim!
It feels so much worse in that cage when you lose.
It feels like as if my son had been beaten up. It feels really bad.
I have seen him training so far.
The match has begun.
This is getting exciting.
Maia is pressuring him,
and attacks him right away.
But Donghyun counterattacks with elbow skills.
We expected that the opponent would take the back for cage control.
Maia takes the back.
Donghyun has to be careful!
One of Donghyun's unique technic is to block at armpit and to attack with elbow skills.
While he was trying to use that technic, at that moment,
One of his ribs was broken, he told me right away.
He told me during the match.
I was speechless.
I couldn't do anything.
Let alone the broken rib,
the muscles becomes sharply tense instantaneously. And the pain is immense.
My body was twisted as he was attacking me,
and my rib got hurt.
It was weird, the injury was.
I felt bad.
We can say, 'he got unlucky..'
This cannot be the end.
I spent about 5 months for that match,
and (it went wrong) not due to lack of ability but due to unlucky incident.
Is it dislocation on his right?
Well, he had a manly fight,
we cannot do anything about injury.
It would have been happier and better for him if he won the match.
I think he should keep his spirit up.
If I get a chance, I want to fight against him again.
I thought I had more odds of winning him.
That's something I regret about.
And after a severe fight,
when they win the match, of course I am proud.
However, when I see their faces covered with cuts and bruises,
I tell them this often,
'You are like my kids and it breaks my heart,'
'not to mention the pains your real parent would feel for you'
This is a champion belt of Legend FC, the one I am in currently.
I was the first Korean to win this, in Macao.
This is one my treasures.
I will give this to my son.
I cherish this the most.
When he first started doing sports as career, I believe he followed his friends.
He went to watch them, and he decided to do it. And his friend quit.
He lost 8 kgs, and he was half of what he used to be.
It broke my heart watching him.
As he is playing in matches, he may get hit as well as he hits others.
Because I am his father, I couldn't stand watching him beaten up.
I couldn't make my own living, I had to ask my parents for money.
They questioned me, 'Why do you do it? All you do is get hurt..'
They couldn't understand why.. why I am doing this.
I wasn't going to school, but always in the gym.
It was rather my relatives, who tried to stop me.
They worried about me so much.
Before, they were against it so much.
They were talking about cutting me out of the family,
but I didn't give in.
My mom, she wanted me to look for a job elsewhere.
She told me to work, earn money and get married.
The fact that one's son is doing this kind of sports
would not be welcomed by any parent, I think.
Nevertheless, it's what he wanted,
and I had to support him, so he can do his best.
Also, he is doing better than I had expected.
He has started it already,
he's been doing it until now,
and it's all fighters' dream.
I don't want him to give up
but want him to continue what he's doing.
And then, if he needs anything (from me)
all I can do is to support him.
I believe every parent would be the same.
Some of my juniors lie to their parents about what they do.
Who would want their children to do this.
He's not being paid, but beaten up.
He fights to death.
Anyone would be worried.
But for now,
when I meet my relatives,
they like it more than I do.
They are so proud.
As I'm on TV, on shows,
and also on newspapers,
I think it made them to support me naturally.
They used to be against me but these days, they support me.
That they are praying for me.
Whenever I have a match,
my mother goes to a temple,
and she does 108 bows, something like that.
She keeps praying for me.
So whenever I win, she says it's because of her prayer.
Because mom did that.
She can rest at home, instead of doing that.
"Hard training gives win,
not prayers.." I told her.
I wish she worried less.
Sometimes I feel like I'm a bad son.
I can't do anything about it, one has to do what one loves.
(I can't do anything about it, one has to do what one loves.)
(What we love)
Martial arts, this sports is really hard.
I think it cannot be paralleled by any sport in the world.
This is seriously painful.
There are lots of trainings to be done.
Injuries happen often.
Not so many people support this.
Fight money is not a fortune.
They barely make a living,
and what they do is really hard,
but they are doing it because they love it.
What I love,
that I can do this with them,
that's the happiest part,
and thankful.
I think that's the virtue of it.
I want the fighter to have
more financial stability.
I started from nothing.
I lived in martial arts gym.
Sometimes I had only $30 - 40 a month,
I couldn't eat properly.
Literally, with my bare body,
I was doing sports, what I loved,
and became a successful man.
To my juniors,
I could be their role-model.
I can't speak for other sports,
as I'm not professional at other sports.
I'm not sure how difficult those are,
nor how much they are rewarded.
But, we don't do this solely for the reward.
It is indeed difficult, but still,
asking others for their sympathy, to feel sorry for,
I think that's more pathetic.
I don't want to be looked as sorry.
I enjoy doing what I do.
If not, I should quit.
It annoyed me when people felt sorry for me.
When they asked me whether I was hungry.
(For what are we fighting)
When fighters enter a match, as I was in one before,
when they win,
there is sheer great joy,
which cannot be traded for anything else.
I feel the same.
When my fighters win,
I feel so good that
it made me continue coaching till now, as if addicted.
What you feel over victory, is really,
that we share together.
Also, if we can make our dreams come true by doing this,
that's what we are training so hard for.
I am always happy.
Dream . Hope
Dream . Hope . Goal
My dream is to become a champion.
I really want to be one, one day.
Before, my goal was to win, match by match.
More than that, what gives me hope is
to become a champion.
As a fighter, my dream is to become a champion, of course.
I am a fighter, having some other dreams would be nonsense.
It's only a few days away.
To make it to UFC,
is one of my goals, but,
wearing a champion belt on your body is
huge for a fighter.
For any kind of match,
I regard the one match, right in front of me, as the most important one.
So, the ultimate goal for now would be
to win this coming debut match.
It was always like that for me.
(Thanks to your support and cheers they could have performed so greatly.)
(As a result, it will be sooner than later that Korean fighter will become UFC champion.)
(That is to happen just around the corner.)
There are certain paths in life.
If you earn certain salary, you'll earn that much your entire life.
Some things are fixed in life.
We only live once.
But if there is something you really love, what you really want to do,
I think it's worth a try, to challenge yourself.
Try it out, without any regret,
you may fail, but,
if you believe you can do it (then you should do it).
If you are putting efforts, it's okay.
If your efforts are not enough, put more efforts.
Don't be intimidated by small things.
If you are intimidated, then you may stop doing it.
If you are easily intimidated, then it may be better for you to quit, actually.
As you enter a match,
it feels so nervous that you want to run away.
It becomes so tense, but,
when the match is over,
you miss it so much, and want to do it again.
What we feel as we step on the ring,
only 0.0001% of the people around the world experience it.
There was something I said during a recent interview.
I may be the tenth, or the twentieth,
but I want to enter UFC before I get older.
It's okay there are ten, or twenty people before me,
just before I get older.
I am going to train myself more,
and I want to be there again.
As I develop myself more, I believe I can have better results.
When I am in a match,
I want people to expect to see an interesting one.
When certain fighters are in a match,
it's a must-see to watch how they fight.
I want to be a fighter that people consider as must-see.
Some people stereotype that Asians are not very active,
I want to break that stereotyping.
That Asians can be wild.
I want to see many world stars in the future.
To be equipped with great technics and perfect characters,
hence become world renowned stars, my dream is to raise those stars.
It is given that we need to train great fighters.
But even after they retire,
I want to continue working with them in this field.
I want to make the dreams visible for future fighters.
That's my goal.
(And our to-do list)
'You fought really really well.'
'So what'
'People don't like watching it'
'Mom, dad, and young ladies, they think it's gross'
'I don't understand why they fight like that' they say.
'Only a few men say, "what a great fight."'
'That doesn't mean we can wipe each other clean whenever we bleed while fighting.'
(Most people don't like us)
The biggest goal is,
to have MMA considered as popular sports for all.
The fighting style,
rather than fighting with an opponent in the cage,
fighting for support from all other sports, all the people should come as priority.
(To stand against prejudice)
Ability to lead a match is also important, however,
the behind-the-scenes,
where the fighter reaches out for the weak,
share with their trainees,
and the good deeds continue,
so that MMA fighters are warm-hearted.
(Sincerity outside the ring)
When you see sincerity,
people feel that something is different.
They think 'What they do is fight,
but there are some things that attracts people more than other sports.'
When this kind of perception is built one by one,
'Phew, those fighting brats'
people who used to think like this before can say
'Oh, they are MMA professional players'
I wish the fighters can be acknowledged more than others.
(This is international competition,)
(and it is managed very cautiously as well as strictly.)
(However the association is exclusive to some degrees,)
(so there are certain things that fighters find it hard to fit perfectly.)
(From the association's point of view, they have hundreds of applicants everyday.)
(There are so many candidates,)
(it is understandable that you can be cut out if you don't meet their expectation.)
(Fans call for stronger fighters.)
(It is the world's best stage, after all.)
(Among the 6 billion population,)
(there are a little more than 200 UFC fighters.)
(Even if you make it to UFC, it makes you feel good,)
(but that is only the beginning.)
(Entering UFC doesn't guarantee you anything.)