OSIsoft: PI DataLink and the PI Module Database (MDB). v3.1

Uploaded by OSIsoftLearning on 13.06.2011


The Module Context
can also be used in DataLink as well. If we
select PI and ModuleDatabase
from the Menu, we can drill down and
select the Module that we would like to use
for our spreadsheet. We can
then use the same Function, ModuleDatabase,
to choose the aliases that
we would like to see. And, if I select
Temperature, and I
Concentration, and then I
select Level --
those are the three Modules that we have
and I do not necessarily need the Module Context next to it.
I can then use the PI
Function from DataLink to get my
Alias and my Module Path.
And I can do that
for all of my Aliases.
So, here I will grab two,
and Module Path.
That gives me my tag names, and I can resolve the tag
names to current values. So,
I can take my tag names
with my time at left, and I can
get the current values for those tags. Because I have tied
everything together in this chain using my Module
Context, my Alias, and my Tag Name, if
I change my Module Context
that changes the rest of the spreadsheet.
You can also do the same thing for Properties as
well. You can search your ModuleDatabase
for Properties,
and drill down and bring those
Properties out.
And I will do the same thing for Radius.
And, I can
use the PIProperty Function
to get the current values
for my Properties as well. And you
can use these for calculations
or anything else you wish to use
the data for.