Fighting For Those Who Serve

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Captain John Dickson: Heading out on patrol, its mission first, but people always.  The
greatest treasures  we have are our sons and daughters and they have been entrusted
to you.  In order to mitigate risk, we have been through over a year of training.  We
have all worked together very closely and so it makes it very easy to manage the chaos,
but the enemy always has a vote and sometimes the worse happens.  In that moment the only
thing you can do is rely on the vehicle to protect you.  
Narrator: In collaboration
with the US Army's tank automotive research and development engineer center, Notre Dame
Professor John Renaud, is working to improve the blast resistance of combat vehicles.  
John Renaud: The predominant injury to the soldier in the field today is through a blast
event, an IED explosion, or a crash event.  The key is to be able to develop key materials
that are harder, yet lightweight.  Our work at Notre Dame is focused on moving atoms around
to develop materials that are related to the difference between a soldier walking away
from a blast event and not walking away from a blast event.  
Dr. David Gorsich: Professor's
Renaud work is being used by Army engineers and scientist to better design our ground
vehicles that are being used now out in the field.  
Dickson: Having served two tours
in Iraq, and losing men both in my unit and losing friends its never easy. Thats why it
means so much to me to know that my alma mater, Notre Dame, is working to keep us safe.
The University of Notre Dame asks what would you fight for?
Renaud: Fighting for those
who serve.
Dickson: We are the Fighting Irish.