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During holidays... I was feeling sick and dizzy. So I was taken to the outpatient clinic of the village
The doctor, who was also the mayor, was there. This was during the holiday bull runs
so there was an ambulance near by and they took me to Castellon, the closest city.
That was Saturday night. I spent the whole night at ER waiting for diagnosis
Sunday morning they realize that the defibrillator has pierced the heart
That is… the little thread inside the defibrillator has pierced the heart
There is no cardiologist on duty there at the General Hospital...
so they have to transfer me to Valencia by Emergency Ambulance. In Castellon they
couldn't perform surgery and it was an emergency. That day they could not perform
surgery and I guess they couldn't take the risk of leaving me there either because...
if something went wrong and, as there was no cardiologist on duty nobody could say
"let's perform surgery tomorrow". They didn't know, I guess, what decision to
take at that time. They diagnosed that "the defibrillator has pierced the heart"
but they could not do anything else. Blood was pumping out of the heart
and so the heart could not pump properly. From Castellon to Valencia it's an hour-long
journey and being in an ambulance is not the same as in the ICU
But this I know now... At the time... Well, at the time I know I was critical...
This story took place on August 24th 2008, during the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe in Valencia